AI tool in general practices with new professional roles

In general practices, the majority of chronically ill patients are assigned to general practitoners. In future, referrals are to be made using an AI tool so that patients can be assigned to the right specialist at the right time.



The benefits of digital healthcare are important for the population and general practices. Initial medical assessment tools determine the timing of care allocation and are still often algorithm-based. They have been in use for some time with varying degrees of experience. Due to nprofessional roles in general practices, the allocation decision must be adapted. However, hardly any AI tools are currently used in general practices for the referral process. The aim is to make the treatment of chronically ill patients more timely, targeted and efficient. By using the AI tool, patients are drawn into treatment right from the start, have a continuous reference person and receive care close to home. On the specialist side, working time is better utilized and, above all, the workload is distributed based on skills.

Course of action

The feasibility study clarifies the need and requirement for an AI tool for more efficient referral in general practices. The feasibility study is carried out using a mixed-methods design.

This project contributes to the following SDGs

  • 3: Good health and well-being