Introduction to Industrial Product Design (BTS6690)

Want to elevate your industrial projects to the next level? This elective module provides a broad understanding of industrial design and its potential impact. By participating, you'll become aware of the benefits of collaborating with experts in this field, inspiring you to incorporate industrial design into your future projects. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your work!

  • explain what includes industrial design

  • explain the design thinking approach

  • explain the human centered approach

  • explain the role of industrial design, its challenges and benefits

  • formulate a design brief based on a design challenge in a Q37 context

  • evaluate the context, the user needs and the form/function balance upon a specific example

  • exchange and work in collaboration with an industrial designer on a specific project


  • Degree/Certificate Passed/failed
  • Duration Week 08–21
  • Schedule a: coming soon
  • Application deadline Week 51–02 – online in IS-Academia
    Places are given priority to TI students
  • ECTS credits 2 ECTS
  • Costs No additional costs
  • Teaching language Teaching: English
    Assessment: English
  • Location Biel
  • School School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Next session Springsemester