Language Skills for the Professional World (BID0053)

Uncover your hidden linguistic competence and discover your potential for intercultural communication. Learn how to use your linguistic resources for the world of work in an efficient, targeted and effective way.

  • You will foster your linguistic comeptence through knowledge about language.

  • You will become acquainted with methods such as «language awareness», «self-empowerment», «intercomprehension» as well as aspects of «diversity and inclusion» and apply them actively.

  • Experts will encourage you to actively assess your language knowledge, to recognise your linguistic resources and to make the most of the intercultural communication potential you already possess.

This module is creditable towards the Certificate of Global Competence (CGC) (10 portfolio points).



  • Degree/Certificate passed/failed
  • Duration Summerschool Week 37
    Winterschool Week 07
  • Schedule Week 37: Mo–Thu, 09.00am–4.00pm
    Week 07: Wed–Sat, 09.00am–4.00pm
  • Application deadline Week 26–30 – Online in IS-Academia
    Week 51–02 – Online in IS-Academia
    Number of places 20
  • ECTS credits 3 ECTS
  • Costs No additional costs
  • Teaching language Teaching language: Listening & reading comprehension in German, French, English
    Competency assessment: German, French, English
    participants must be able to understand all three languages
  • Location Bern + Online (possibly day trip to Biel)
  • School Business School
    School of Social Work
  • Next session Fall semester or Spring semester