Summer School: Cross-Cultural Communication and Diversity

Bern University of Applied Sciences runs a five-day Summer School, which is open to both BFH students and students from partner universities in other countries. The programme is equivalent to 2 ECTS credits (60 hours of study) and counts towards the BFH Certificate of Global Competence. The next Summer School will be held in Bern from 31 August – 4 September 2020.

Here you'll find the key information:


Summer School ‘Cross-Cultural Communication and Diversity’


31 august–4 September 2020, 8.45 am–4.30 pm & evening programme on Monday (until 6 pm) and on Wednesday (open end).


Bern University of Applied Sciences, Business Department, Brückenstrasse 73, 3005 Bern


Development of transcultural sensibility, intercultural communication, theory of diversity and cultural dimensions.

Study language


Head of module

Peter Eigenmann (BFH, Head International Relations Office)

Competency assessment

  • Preparatory exercise on cultural dimensions
  • Development and analysis of a ‘critical incident’


Students from all disciplines at BFH, BFH visiting students (autumn semester 2020), students from partner universities.

Priority is given to students taking the Certificate of Global Competence.


The International Relations Office supports the search for an affordable accommodation.

Course fees

The course is free for BFH students, visiting students attending BFH in the autumn semester 2020 and interested students from our partner universities.

More information

A detailed programme will be sent to participants at the beginning of July. Please direct queries to:

Module description

Summer School credit for BFH students

All departments at BFH count the Summer School towards the Certificate of Global Competence.

  • For AHB, TI and HAFL, the Summer School counts as 2 ECTS points towards the regular study programme (180 ECTS), with additional registration on IS-Academia (by the Student Administration).
  • For EHSM and Social Work, the Summer School counts as 2 ECTS points towards the regular study programme (180 ECTS) as an equivalent (without registration on IS-Academia).
  • For Health Professions, the Summer School counts as 2 ECTS points in addition to the regular study programme, with additional registration on IS-Academia (by the Student Administration).
  • Bern University of the Arts and Business: Contact the responsible International Office for details.

Students from partner universities should speak directly to their Head of Degree Programme.

Application deadline

 21 June 2020

BFH Summer School Intercultural Communication and Diversity 2015

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