Wood Technology

This master’s degree programme offers you excellent opportunities to develop sustainable solutions across various sectors in the increasingly globalised and digitally connected wood industry.

In this programme, you will:

  • Immerse yourself in innovations related to wood as drivers of a growing bioeconomy.
  • Specialise either in the area of earthquake-resistant, complex timber structures or in process and innovation management as well as digital manufacturing.
  • Learn methods for ecodesign of biobased materials and building structures.
  • Enjoy access to research and development at BFH and current projects.
  • Feel confident in taking a practical approach to challenging tasks in the wood and supply industries.

Get first-hand information: students share their experiences


  • Title/Degree Master of Science in Wood Technology
  • Specialisations Complex Timber Structures, Management of Processes and Innovation
  • Mode of study part-time (4 to 6 semesters)
  • Start date Calendar week 38
  • Application deadline 31 July
    Applicants, who need a visa for Switzerland, are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.
  • ECTS credits 90 ECTS credits
  • Study language English, you may request approval from your advisor to write papers in German or French.
  • Location Biel
  • Department School of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering

Structure + Content

Our MSc programme in wood technology will equip you with a deep understanding of pressing topics for the future of the wood industry. You will develop specialised skills in planning complex timber structures, devising innovation and digitisation strategies and implementing ecodesign strategies for biobased materials and buildings.


Now more than ever, the wood industry needs highly qualified specialists and leaders to meet the challenges of tomorrow. In close cooperation with leaders in the Swiss wood industry, we created Europe’s unique Master of Science in Wood Technology to address this demand. Our programme is characterised by its hands-on training approach. You will join active research projects with a strong focus on sustainability and build your professional profile with scientifically founded, application-oriented knowledge.

Learning outcomes

As a graduate of this programme, you will be prepared to tackle challenges in timber construction, wood working and processing or in distribution. You will feel confident making technical and business-based decisions in the face of global competition. In addition to our focus on specialist skills and methods, we also equip you with in-depth knowledge in innovation, management and sustainable development that can help pave the way to interesting management positions.

Elena Nedelkoska, master student in Wood Technology, was awarded funding for her project WoDens.




In building your profile, you will select an area of specialisation.

Innovation is a key success factor in the wood industry, in order to keep up with growing client demands and competition. Projects are becoming more global and complex. 

This provides the springboard for our Management of Processes and Innovation MPI specialisation. You will acquire the skills to develop innovative technologies, products and business models and spearhead the processes involved. You focus on sustainable material technologies to replace oil-based products in a future bioeconomy.

Essential topics are:

  • Digital manufacturing in the wood industry
  • Wood-based materials and material innovations
  • Composites, polymers and other materials from renewable resources
  • Ecodesign of products and buildings
  • Management and implementation of innovation processes

You will complete two specialisation projects spanning the semester. Each project comprises a case study as well as thematically aligned input modules. 

Digital manufacturing in the wood industry

In your first case study, you will design a Smart Factory. Your model facility will feature an integrated digital information network and largely autonomous production systems. You will then build your Smart Factory in our Technology Park. As part of this project, you will be introduced to the foundations of information management as well as planning and designing organisational, logistic and financial business processes.

Innovation management

In your second case study, you will create an innovative project based on a central idea and develop it to the point of market launch. You will learn how innovation strategies, structures and cultures are developed and implemented in business. As part of this case study, you will create and present a Business Case to a potential investor.

Learn more about the case study Innovation Management with the company Aroma AG in Zurich. Alessandro Nicotra, Head of Architecture at Aroma, and students share their experiences.

It is becoming increasingly complex to develop and build modern timber structures. Demands on timber engineers are growing at the same pace.

In the Complex Timber Structures CTS specialisation, you will work on methods for planning and constructing advanced free-form, shell and multi-storey structures out of wood.

Other key topics include:

  • Modelling new and existing load-bearing structures
  • Simulation and data management, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Earthquake-resistant construction
  • Building physics
  • Normative parameters

You will complete two specialisation projects spanning two semesters. Each project comprises a case study as well as thematically aligned input modules.

Modelling Complex Timber Structure

In your first project, you will analyse free-form and shell structures. Your focus will be on modelling, static analysis and performing calculations related to complex load-bearing structures and other details. You will also examine how these structures are implemented in practice. You will take an interdisciplinary approach to optimising designs for manufacturing and assembly, keeping an eye on constraints such as construction processes, planning and cost. You will also operate the computer numeric control (CNC) machines in our Technology Park to manufacture select curved joints.

Multi-storey Timber and Hybrid Structures

In your second project, you will examine the load-bearing behaviour of multi-storey timber structures. You will then design, model and perform calculations related to earthquake-resistant load-bearing structures. You will apply all current structural standards regarding seismic impact to your work and learn how to interpret results from earthquake evaluations. You will draft plans for multi-storey houses, including designs that go beyond constraints placed on high-rise structures. Over the course of this project, you will gain experience in assessing building condition and the need for structural reinforcement. You will also address aspects of structural physics, fire safety, networked planning and building process management (Building Information Modelling BIM).

Statements of three experts: Franz Tschümperlin, SJB Kempter Fitze AG, Fabian Scheurer, Design-to-Production GmbH, Kai Strehlke, Blumer-Lehmann AG

Mode of study + Duration

This degree programme is modular in structure. It is currently only offered in part-time and can be completed in four to six semesters.

Study models

You can combine the master’s degree programme with an internship or with part-time employment. Students attend lectures and events on either Mondays and Tuesdays or Thursdays and Fridays. This enables you to combine your studies with your outside work or your work as a research assistant at BFH (PDF).

Research and Development

Our master’s degree programme in wood technology is closely tied to the research and development activities of our Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering Department. With a team of more than 120 employees, we can provide the best conditions for a forward-looking technical and scientific education.

We have organised our wood technology-related research activities into three institutes. All three have close ties to the industry and thus provide an interface between education and professional experience. There is also a close relationship with the BFH Centre for Wood and the Centre for Development and Cooperation.

Study Models

Different study models Master Wood Technology Enlarge image

Curriculum + Modules

You will enrol in a number of core and elective modules and complete two specialisation projects spanning the entire semester. You will complete your studies with a master’s thesis.
The core modules are interdisciplinary in nature, meaning you will work together with students from the other specialisation. Your specialisation projects, elective modules and master’s thesis will allow you to individualise your personal profile.


You will benefit from the personal support of an academic advisor over the course of your studies. You will work with them to choose your courses, and they will guide you through your master’s thesis.

Core Modules

Modern management styles and professional communication skills are expected from today’s graduates as well as expertise in their field. We address this critical content in our core modules, which are compulsory for all students.

  • Leadership and Communication MBW1133
  • Fiber-Reinforced Composites MBW1233
  • Scientific Methods MBW1232
  • Wood-Based Panels – Theory and Laboratory MBW1134 (for the MPI specialisation)
  • Finite Elemente Modelling MBW1132 (for the CTS specialisation)

Elective Modules

Every semester, you will take an elective module worth five ECTS credits. These modules may be selected from offerings at BFH, Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (Germany) or another institution. You will discuss this choice with your advisor.

  • Bio-based Polymers and Adhesives MBW3042, 5 credits
  • Ecodesign of Products and Buildings MBW3041, 5 credits
  • Modelling Software MBW3035 – 3040, 1 credit each (various courses for the CTS specialisation)
  • Building Information Modelling BIM, 3 credits
  • Term Paper MBW3009, 3 to 10 credits
  • Excursion MBW6001, 2 credits
  • Advanced Wood Processing MBW3002 – 3004, 2 to 6 credits (shared with Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (Germany) for the MPI specialisation)
  • Modules of the Master of Science in Engineering MSE (e.g. advanced mathematics) MSE theory modules  
  • Continuing education courses at the BFH
  • Languages, up to 5 credits

Specialisation projects

In your area of specialisation – either Complex Timber Structures (CTS) or Management of Processes and Innovation (MPI) – you will undertake two semester-long specialisation projects, each worth 15 ECTS credits. Each project consists of a case study and two related input modules, which you will attend as a single unit.

Modules for the Specialisation Management of Processes and Innovation (MPI)

  1. Specialisation Project 1 Digital Manufacturing in the Wood Industry
    1. Digital Manufacturing Technologies MBW2111
    2. Case Study 1 «Digital Fabrication in the Wood Industry» MBW2112
    3. Processes and Controlling MBW2113
  2. Specialisation Project 2 Innovation Management
    1. Innovation Strategy MBW2211
    2. Case Study 2 «Innovation Management» MBW2212
    3. Finance and Legal MBW2213

Modules for the Specialisation Complex Timber Structures (CTS) 

  1. Specialisation Project 1 Modelling of Complex Timber Structures
    1.  Data Management for Timber Engineers MBW2121
    2. Case Study 1 «Modelling of Complex Timber Structures» MBW2122
    3. Free Form and Shell Structures MBW2123
  2. Specialisation Project 2 Multi-Storey Timber and Hybrid Structures
    1. Assessment and Retrofitting MBW2221
    2. Case Study 2 «Multi-Storey Timber and Hybrid Structures» MBW2222
    3. Earthquake and Design MBW2223

Master-Thesis MBW9001

Your master’s thesis allows you to specialise according to your own interests and inclinations. It is an opportunity to do high-level scientific work on a topic related to the field. Your master’s thesis will address a real-life topic encountered in the field or will form part of a research project at BFH. This project may mark your entry into the professional world or serve as a starting point for a career in academic research

The following selection of interdisciplinary and innovative papers provide an insight into different areas of expertise. Theses without an embargo period can be ordered through swisscovery.

Module Schedule

Module Schedule Master Wood Technology Enlarge image

Annual Schedule in Calendar Weeks

Annual Schedule in Calendar Weeks Master Wood Technology Enlarge image

Statements on the Master Programme

Student mobility

We will help you plan and arrange an optional stay abroad. As part of ERASMUS or other academic exchange programmes, you may spend part of your studies at one of our many partner universities across Europe and the world.

International study

Combine the Master Wood Technology with a job at the BFH-AHB

The department Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering in Biel (Switzerland) is looking for


We offer the MSc in Wood Technology in cooperation with Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

There is close cooperation with the École Supérieure du Bois ESB in Nantes (FR) and French-speaking students have the opportunity to obtain a double degree.

The BFH wood department fosters cooperation with business partners, schools and research institutions, both domestically and abroad. This exchange between the wood industry, distribution and related fields prepares you to react to the shifting demands of the wood production chain.

Eligibility + Entry

You have successfully completed your bachelor’s degree and wish to continue your training with an English-language master’s degree programme in wood technology.

Academic requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in wood technology, timber engineering or comparable discipline
  • Above average final marks
  • Applicants from other engineering fields (e.g. civil or material engineering) are welcome, provided their final marks are excellent
  • Sufficient qualifications in timber, structural or civil engineering are required for the specialisation Complex Timber Structures. A bachelor's degree with 210 ECTS credits is required. If you can provide proof of 180–210 ECTS credits, you may earn the remaining credits as part of your master’s programme.
  • Proof of English skills, if your native language is not English. 
    See "Application". 


If you fail to meet all admission requirements, we may consider admitting you based on your academic background and performance (‘sur dossier’).

After you have submitted your completed application and paid the enrolment fee, our Head of Degree Programme will review your application. If you are eligible, we will arrange for an admissions interview, after which we will inform you of the final decision. You can check the status of your application online at any time.

Qualification + Career prospects

As a graduate of our master’s degree programme in wood technology, you will help determine the future of wood technology and related fields in a rapidly changing, global workplace.

Title + Degree

Master of Science (MSc) in Wood Technology

You may also pursue the supplementary Certificate of Global Competence as part of your studies. This will be noted as an additional qualification.

French-speaking students can apply for a dual diploma with the École supérieure du Bois (ESB) in Nantes, France.

Certificate of Engagement in Sustainability

With this certificate, BFH students have to opportunity to acquire knowledge and multidisciplinary skills in the field of sustainable development and earn a qualification which they can show for instance to future employers.

Career prospects

As a graduate of our master’s degree programme in wood technology, your expertise and leadership skills will be in demand across the wood industry. Your comprehensive knowledge, technical expertise and decision-making skills in will distinguish you from the crowd.
You will possess the knowledge needed to recognise, promote and grow collaborative projects with adjacent industries. You will also feel confident coordinating and leading research and development tasks within your field. Your employment can become increasingly international as time goes on.

If you specialised in Complex Timber Structures (CTS), you will work closely as a timber engineer to create structural or technical plans for the most challenging tasks.

If you specialised in Management of Processes and Innovation (MPI), your skills can lead to a wide range of careers. You will be perfectly positioned to work in the fields of product development and management, production planning, marketing and sales or innovation management.

Doctoral studies

With a master’s degree in wood technology, you are eligible to pursue a doctorate at another university. You may also work on your dissertation at BFH, in cooperation with an academic university. It is this university who decides admission.

If you decide to write your dissertation at BFH, you will benefit from our practice-oriented facilities, laboratories and faculty expertise. We will assist you in selecting the partner university and research field that are right for you.

Continuing education

Our continuing education programmes support lifelong learning and help keep you up to date on the latest trends in the field.

You will learn from our expert teaching and research faculty as well as industry professionals. Our objective is to deliver the most current, innovative and practice-relevant content from the field. We offer degree and certification programmes (MAS and CAS), symposiums and courses.

Practicalities + Application

Our master’s degree programme in wood technology always begins in the autumn semester.

Programme start: Calendar week 38
Application deadline: 31 July

Applicants, who do not reside within the European Union (EU) and who need a visa for Switzerland, are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as visa procurement is prolonged by the corona pandemic.

Tuition and fees are standard across BFH. You may be eligible for financial support under certain conditions. Swiss wood industry professionals may qualify for further financing options.

Here, you will find helpful information about financing your studies at BFH. Details regarding individual living costs are not covered, however.

The cost of study includes tuition and examination fees, as well as costs for teaching materials and excursions.


At BFH, different fees apply for programmes and examinations.

Application (per application)*

CHF 100


CHF 100

Tuition fees (per semester)

CHF 750

Tuition fees for international students*** (per semester)

CHF 950

Examination fee (per semester)

CHF 80

Fee for social, cultural and sport offerings (per semester)

CHF 24

Membership fee for the Bern University of Applied Sciences Student Association (VSBFH) (per semester)

CHF 15

* plus CHF 10 processing fee if paying by paying-in slip/paper invoice.
** If the application leads to matriculation, the matriculation fee is covered by the application fee.
*** International students are defined as persons of foreign citizenship who at the time of obtaining their university entrance qualification were domiciled under civil law neither in Switzerland nor the Principality of Liechtenstein. This rule applies as of the 2018/19 autumn semester.

There is also a fixed fee for material, which can vary from programme to programme, and additional costs for teaching materials, specialist literature, supplies, etc.

An invoice for the application fee is generated upon applying online and must be paid within 10 days. If payment is made by paying-in slip/paper invoice, a processing fee of CHF 10 is applied. There are no waivers or refunds for withdrawn or abandoned applications.

The application is processed after payment has been received.

Grants, loans and other funding options

Financial aid is available through grants and loans. Grants are one-off or ongoing payments that don’t usually have to be paid back provided you complete your course. Loans are one-off or ongoing payments that must be paid back after you finish your course.

Cantonal grants

Grants and loans for Swiss students and overseas students are generally paid out by the canton where the students’ parents are tax residents.

Students who have been tax residents in the Canton of Bern for at least two years are able to apply for cantonal grants and loans. Applications should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office at the Department of Education.

Further information (incl. financial aid calculator):

The websites stipendien.educa.ch, stipendium.ch and European Funding Guide cover all the key information about grants in Switzerland and overseas.

Foundations and funds

There are also numerous private foundations and funds that offer financial support to students. The electronic foundation directory administered by the Federal Department of Home Affairs offers a comprehensive summary of these organisations and can be searched by keywords (e.g. student, research, financial aid, etc.). Other sources of funding include the foundation directories for individual cantons and private foundations.

The following foundations offer funding specifically to BFH students and students from other universities:

We expect a high level of involvement and presence from our students in the master’s degree programme in wood technology.
It is possible, however, to arrange for part-time studies. You must discuss this with the Head of Degree Programme.

Military or civil service

You must complete your compulsory service, even during your studies.
We strongly encourage you to complete your military training before beginning your studies.

Coordinating your studies and compulsory service

Would you like to take a course at Bern University of Applied Sciences? Then apply now. By applying online, you’ll be kept up-to-date at every stage of the process.

If you have missed the registration deadline, the head of the relevant study programme will be happy to inform you whether subsequent registration is possible.

Required documents

Please submit the following documents in electronic format and as appropriate for your educational background (passport documentation: PDF/images: JPG):

  • ID or passport* 
  • Passport photo according to international passport requirements* (Photo guidelines)
  • Diplomas and leaving certificates (e.g. vocational baccalaureate/specialised baccalaureate with grades, university entrance qualification, Abitur or upper secondary level qualification)
  • Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency with grades
  • Employer reference and/or internship certificate
  • Curriculum vitae

* compulsory

Additional documents for the Master’s degree programme Wood Technology

  • Certificate for your first degree (bachelor’s or equivalent qualification), as well as a transcript of records
  • Statement of purpose (max. two-page, A4 format)
  • Transcript of records *
  • Diploma supplement 
  • Proof of English proficiency, if your native language is not English **

* If your transcript of records does not align with the ECTS grading scale, we require your course list, a description of your school’s grading system and details about the workload.

** We accept the following proof of proficiency in English:

  • TOEFL revised paper-delivered Test (PBT) scores of 66 points or higher
  • TOEFL Internet-based Test (IbT) scores of 88 points or higher
  • IELTS Academic with a band score of 6.5 or higher
  • Cambridge ESOL CPE with Grade C or higher
  • Cambridge ESOL CAE with Grade C/B or higher
  • TOEIC Reading and Listening with combined scores of 785 or higher, in combination with TOEIC Speaking scores of 160 or higher and Writing scores of 150 or higher


We require a certified translation of any documents issued in a language other than German, English or French.


Documents for foreign applicants

  • Residence permit (if you’re applying from abroad)


Online application - At a glance (PDF, 66 KB)

Infodays + Advice


Our online Infodays offer you exhaustive information on our programme, our conditions of admission and your job prospects. We invite you on a virtual tour of our premises and explain the specific features of the BFH Master degree. Our students give you a personal insight into the daily life on the campus and share their experiences.  


Our administration is happy to answer your questions about the programme structure, admissions and application process. To arrange a personal advising session with the Head of Degree Programme, simply book an appointment online.

Location + Facilities

The BFH wood department is a unique, internationally recognised hub of innovation and expertise. A dynamic field coupled with our multilingual team of more than 130 specialists in education, research and development make BFH a wonderful place to study. We are affiliated with the Higher Technical School of Wood in Biel.

  • The Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering Library in Biel/Bienne is a specialised academic library in the field of wood engineering. It is a member of the Swiss-Library-Service-Platform-network and open to the public. A library ID is required to borrow media. We are happy to advise you on any questions regarding research, media acquisition and the use of the research platform swisscovery and its electronic resources.
  • You may also use these facilities outside study hours. BFHcard
  • You will receive a personal email address as well as direct access to our Intranet and Wi-Fi network.
  • The university cafeteria at the Biel campus offers inexpensive meals from Monday to Friday.
  • Parking is subject to charge. You may request a parking pass from the administration, but we encourage you to use public transport.
  • Our research centre in Biel is the largest of its kind in the Swiss wood industry. It is accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) to carry out internationally recognised tests according to ISO / IEC 17025.
  • The BFH wood department maintains an extensive Technology Park in Biel – the only one of its kind in Switzerland. Our park features CNC machines and robots, test and chemistry laboratories for materials, wood components and surface treatment, climate chambers and testing systems for windows, furniture, construction elements and load-bearing structures. Whether you are a research associate, member of the teaching staff or a student, the doors to our Technology Park are open.

The BFH offers a broad range of leisure activities, with training in numerous types of sports and various cultural courses. The choices are varied and attractive, ranging from badminton or power yoga to drawing or singing in a choir. “The Games”, our traditional sports day, takes place every year in early summer at the Federal Institute for Sports in Magglingen.

In order to make it easier for our students to find a room, we have put together a list of accommodation that has been reported to us by various landlords. We ask for your understanding that we cannot provide any additional information about the rooms and their availability. Please contact the landlord directly! All information without guarantee.




Beschrieb / Miete         

Description / frais de location





Per 15. März oder nach Vereinbarung.

CHF 580.-/Monat inkl. NK


A. Graf
032 377 27 16




Per 15. April oder nach Vereinbarung.

CHF 1'400.-/Monat inkl. NK

A. Graf
032 377 27 16



Grosszügiges Zimmer in Einfamilienhaus
Für Wochenaufenthalter/in.
Schöne Aussicht auf die Alpen, 17m2, grosse Fensterfläche, möbliert, Dusche im EG und WC (Gäste WC), TV/Radio Anschluss und Internet im Zimmer, Parkplatz vor dem Haus gratis, grosse Terrasse kann benutzt werden, Küche der Eigentümer kann benutzt werden oder auf Wunsch bieten wir auch Verpflegung an (Frühstück und Nachtessen gegen Gebühr und Absprache).

CHF 390.-/Monat





Möblierte Studentenwohnung
Ab 1. März 2019
1-Zimmerwohnung mit Kochnische, WC, Dusche.

CHF 500.-/Monat inkl. NK

U. Schwarzwälder
079 127 60 30



Rüti bei Büren

Moderne, teilmöbliertes Loft
Ab 1. März 2019 oder nach Vereinbarung

108m2, im Parterre eines Mehrfamilienhauses mit Zugang zu eigener Terrasse, geeignet für allein stehende Person, offene Küche mit Bar, kleine Büroecke, sep. WC.

CHF 1'250.-/Monat inkl. NK und Autoabstellplatz

079 790 07 87



WG-Zimmer (ca. 15m2)
Ab 1. März 19 oder nach Vereinbarung an aufgestellte Person mit Sinn für Ordnung und Sauberkeit.

In 3.5 Zimmer Wohnung im EG, Parkettboden, eigenes WC/Dusche, eigener Sitzplatz mit Rasenfläche, Waschmaschine/Tumbler.

CHF 990.-/Monat inkl. NK

C. Meyer





3 x je 1 Zimmer ( in 3-Familienhaus )

Ab sofort zu vermieten.

Nur an Studenten BFH-AHB-TI

Im Parterre, sep. WC und Dusche
Keine Kochgelegenheit

Zimmer: CHF 300.-/Monat inkl. NK

D. Glatz
032 341 42 70





Birkenweg 2

Möblierte Zimmer in renoviertem Bauernhaus

Schöne, modern möblierte, grossräumige, helle Zimmer
- 2 Dachstuhlzimmer mit einem Badezimmer
- 1 Zimmer mit einer Laube und Badezimmer
- 1 Zimmer hell und sonnig
- 1 Studio mit Badezimmer und Küche

TV in jedem Zimmer, Internet, Kochgelegenheit, Kühlschrank, Mikrowelle, eigener Gartensitzplatz, Parkplätze, Postautohaltestelle vor dem Haus.

Zimmer: CHF 400.-/Monat inkl. NK


Rosita Stevanon-Sauser
078 752 70 83

032 331 65 26




Alte Landstrasse 8

Ruhig gelegenes Studio

Ab Anfang Juli 2019
Parterre, sep. Eingang, Kochgelegenheit, WC/Dusche, Waschmaschine, Wifi, Gartensitzplatz, 1 Parkplatz.

CHF 530.-/Monat exkl. Energie

Sibylle Werthmüller

079 624 11 79
Andreas Graf




2-Zimmerwohnung möbliert

Ab 1. Februar 2019
Ruhige Lage, 2. Stock, moderne Küche, Internet, Parkplatz. Eignet sich für 2 Personen.

CHF 760.-/Monat inkl. NK

Fred Künzi
079 584 08 26




Lerchenweg 9

Appartement a louer
2 pièces meublés 60 m2
Appartement au rez-chaussée dans une maison.
6 minutes de vélo du centre-ville.
40 mètre de la ligne de bus n° 2 et 4.

Le  jardin de la  maison est disponible avec une cheminée.

Lyoer CHF 975.- / mois avec les charges

078 622 29 18



1-Zimmerwohnung (ca. 35m2)
in kleinem Mehrfamilienhaus, ab Mitte September, evtl. früher an ruhige/-n Student/-in, Nichtraucher.

Kleine Küche, WC/Dusche, Estrich, Wandschränke, TV/Internetanschluss, Mitbenutzung Waschküche.

unmöbliert: CHF 550.-/Monat inkl. NK
evtl. möbliert: CHF 650.-/Monat inkl. NK

Ruth Bolliger

032 384 60 47





Schützengasse 131

Möbliertes Zimmer
Frei ab Mitte September 2019, an Nichtraucher Student/-in der BFH-AHB

Zimmer, sep. Eingang, in Einfamilienhaus, mit Bad/WC und kleiner Küche, die mit 3 Studenten zu teilen sind.

CHF 420.-/Monat
inkl. Internet, Bettwäsche und NK

Erika Gonin
079 446 41 39





Möbliertes-Zimmer (ca. 12 m2)
in 5-Zimmer-Wohnung, am Waldrand

3 min. von Busstation / Parkplatzmiete möglich

CHF 500.-/Monat inkl. NK

Lisa Mock und Laira Schneider
079 943 09 14





am Neumarkt

1 WG-Zimmer
MitbewohnerIn zwischen 20-35 gesucht
Zimmer: 15m2, sonnig, Balkon.

CHF 450.-/Monat inkl. NK
exkl. Strom, Billag und Internet

077 434 65 23



6 möblierte WG-Zimmer
In neu erstellter Wohnung in Industriegebäude, separater Eingang, gemeinsamer Wohnraum (TV) und Küche, Waschmaschine, Tumbler, Gartensitzplatz, 3 sep. Nasszellen mit WC/Dusche, WLAN.

1x wöchentlich Raumpflege Küche/Wohnraum und Badezimmer - Reinigung der Zimmer gegen Aufpreis möglich.

CHF 550.- bis CHF 580.-/Monat.
Parkplatz CHF 30.00/Monat

Franziska Berthoud
032 679 00 87




Rue du stand

1 chambre
Dès le 1er Août 2018.
CHF 400.-/par mois
inclu petit-déjeuner
Possibilité d'utiliser la cuisine.

Pierre & Christiane von Gunten
079 579 01 63



1- oder 2-Zimmer-Wohnung

möbliert, separate Küche, Dusche/WC, Internetanschluss, TV, Parkplatz, ruhig gelegen.
Preis nach Absprache.

I. Meier
032 652 57 73

079 702 89 34



2-Zimmer Appartement
Ruhig gelegen, für 2 Personen in Einfamilienhaus, 7 Gehminuten von der AHB Biel.

CHF 400.-/Person und Monat

032 341 28 67




Bahnhofstrasse 6

Helle 3.5 Zimmerwohnung im Bauhausstil
Alte Parkettböden, Bad, separates WC, Balkon, Dachterrasse zur Mitbenutzung, 3 Minuten vom Bahnhof.

CHF 1'060.- + CHF 200.- NK/Monat

V. Feller
079 789 87 80



WG-Zimmer (ca. 15m2)

In grosser 4.5-Zimmer-Dachwohnung in Mehrfamilienhaus am Waldrand, gemeinsamer Bereich: Wohnzimmer, Küche, Terrasse, Umschwung mit Sitzplatz.
Eigenes Badezimmer, Internet, Parkplatz, ruhige Lage.

CHF 600.-/Monat inkl. NK

Bernhard Mathys
079 476 16 58





1 Zimmer
Möbliert, mit Gartensitzplatz, Bettwäsche und Toilettenwäsche, Bad, Dusche, WC, Parkplatz, kostenlos Fahrräder.

CHF 455.-/Monat + NK

T. und F. Fux
076 480 14 07



1 Studio
La location peut etre de 1 mois ou plus. Ce prix est pour 1 personne, il y a la possiblité de mettre 2 personnes (mme 3).

CHF 700.00/mois, avec parking

Vincent Alberola




Neumarktstrasse 5


Grosses Dachzimmer
CHF 450.-/Monat + Strom

P. Gubler
032 322 07 54

079 219 27 24




Möbliertes Zimmer mit Waldsicht
1 Zimmer (18 m2) in grosser Dachwohnung
(130 m2), ruhige Lage, Küche, Bad und Terrasse, Bettwäsche, Waschmaschine und Tumbler. Parkplatz, Internet und TV auf Wunsch zur Miete.

Wochenaufenthalter: CHF 495.-/Monat inkl. NK
Bei Vollbenutzung: CHF 655.-/Monat inkl. NK

Roger Hostettler
079 277 08 88




nähe Bahnhof

1 Zimmer + 1 kleines "Studierzimmer"
Das grosse Zimmer hat einen schmalen Balkon, Parkettböden. Das Wohnzimmer kann mitbenützt werden. Waschmaschine / Tumbler und WLAN in der Wohnung.

Unabhängiges Nebeneinander praktizieren ist erwünscht.

CHF 700.-/Monat inkl. NK

Mirjam Zbinden
079 957 69 42




Drei WG-Zimmer in grossem Einfamilienhaus

Grosszügiger Gemeinschaftsraum, gemeinsame Küche, Gartenmitbenutzung, Haus am Waldrand, Parterre, rollstuhlgängig.

  • 2 Zimmer (ca. 12m²) je CHF 650.-/Monat inkl. NK, gemeinsames Badezimmer
  • 1 Zimmer (ca. 22m²) CHF 950.-/Monat inkl. NK mit eigenem Badezimmer

Therese Kiener
079 682 53 31






Zimmer für Studenten in Mehrfamilienhaus
1. OG: 3 Zimmer, Küche, WC/Dusche
2. OG: 2 Zimmer, Küche, WC/Dusche, Stube
Internet in beiden Wohnungen.

CHF 400.-/Person und Monat inkl. NK, Parkplatz

Elisabeth Zbinden
032 341 48 93



In Doppeleinfamilienhaus am sonnigen Jura-Waldrand, ruhig, möbliert, Kabel-TV, Internet, Parkplatz, wöchentliche Raumpflege.

CHF 960.-/Monat inkl. NK

A.W. Stähli
079 798 34 15 oder 076 330 19 41





2 Zimmer

mit WC/Dusche, Reduit, Kochmöglichkeit (Kühlschrank, Mikrowelle, Wasserkocher, kleine Kochplatte), ruhige Lage.

CHF 670.-/Monat plus CHF 120.- NK

Andrée Megert





Möbliert, gemeinsame Küche und WC/Dusche.
1x im Monat Grobreinigung/Bettwäsche wechseln.

CHF 350.-/Monat, inkl. Strom, Heizung

Fitim Bajrami

Länggasse 24, Biel
078 868 00 00



Schmiedweg 19

2-Zimmer-Wohnung im 2. Stock
Nähe Migros Madretsch

mit Wohnküche, Bad, ohne Balkon, am), CHF 750 inkl. NK, plus Strom und Heizkosten

H.P. Bärtschi

032 331 51 55




Sägestrasse 14/18


in neu renoviertem Wohnhaus, mehrere möblierte Zimmer mit gutem Wohnkomfort, Wohnraum und Küche, 2WC/Dusche, 1WC-Bad, TV, Internet, guter Zugang und Parkplätze, Einkaufscenter, Sportanlagen, Bahnhof, Bus und Autobahn in direkter Nähe. 1x wöchentlich Raumpflege.
Miete CHF 480.-/Monat und Person

A.W. Stähli
079 798 34 15 oder

076 330 19 41



1 Zimmer, CHF 300.- pro Monat

Müller Hans + Rosmarie


032 377 29 39




Möblierte 3-Zimmerwohnung
nach Vereinbarung

Frau Güdel
Solothurnstrasse 50
2504 Biel
032 342 02 89




Studio in ruhigem Einfamilienhaus
Ab Juli 2019

mit Küche und Bad

CHF 450.-/Monat inkl. NK und Parkplatz

Christoph und Jacqueline Strub
079 852 65 19
032 387 03 39 (Bürozeiten)




4 Zimmer und 1 Wohnung

R. Imfeld
Orpundstrasse 27
2504 Biel
032 341 32 58