Leave of absence

Students who wish to interrupt their studies for personal reasons must complete the leave of absence form and e-mail it within the valid notice period to the head of the degree programme or the secretary’s office for the degree programme.

Notice periods

Leave of absence for the autumn semester: 31 July
HKB students: 15. June

​Leave of absence for the spring semester: 31 January
HKB students: 15. December

If the application is received within the period of notice, all semester fees for the following semester that have already been invoiced will be cancelled and reimbursed as applicable. A leave of absence fee of CHF 100 is invoiced per semester.

The application is assessed by the relevant department. The leave of absence applies for one semester and cannot be approved for more than two consecutive semesters or more than four semesters in total. Leaves of absence due to illness are excepted. For an interruption of several semesters, all semesters must be approved; all applications must be submitted within the period of notice.