BFH researchers test electric wheelchair drives

23.10.2023 Researchers from the SCI Mobility Laboratory have put three electric drive units for wheelchairs to the test to help people with limited mobility find the right equipment for their needs.

Electric drive systems make it easier for people who depend on a wheelchair to move around. Due to a lack of information and studies into the various products available on the market, however, wheelchair users often find it difficult to identify which product best suits their individual situation and needs. Researchers from the Bern University of Applied Sciences’ SCI Mobility Laboratory have set out to change this: in a first comprehensive product comparison, they have put three electric drive units to the test. The testing process involved emergency brake tests, crash avoidance manoeuvres, lateral acceleration, incline performance and stability tests. Two of the testers have also contributed their personal opinion on each of the three systems. Further comparisons will follow.

The researchers have presented their insights and test results in an extensive report.
Comparison test of the SCI-Mobility-Lab

elektrische rollstulantriebe

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