Offers for companies

We offer companies a broad spectrum of activities, courses, seminars and further training as well as various services.

Industry Fellowship Master’s Programme: highly motivated students – your capital for tomorrow.

Companies and institutions have the opportunity to hire highly motivated students for their projects through BFH-TI and train them at their own expense. The students complete their master’s degree and work for two years part-time as research assistants at BFH-TI, spending on average 70% of the time on projects for the industry partners. The Industry Fellowship Master is also ideally suited as a continuing education programme for the industry partner’s employees. The supplementary events (seminars, courses) are offered separately and can be used by the industry partner as part of an internal training programme.

Benefits to the industry partner

  • Opportunity to build a close relationship with students and to interest them in their company early on
  • Growth of a close collaboration with BFH-TI research groups
  • Optimum integration of research activities into ongoing projects and access to the latest research results
  • Ongoing monitoring and fine-tuning of the practical relevance of the research activities with the industry partner
  • Study agreements ensure clear regulation of aspects such as confidentiality, services to be provided and ownership of research results
  • Option of follow-on contracts (research collaboration, Innosuisse projects)

Our Career Service operates at the intersection between the University of Applied Sciences and the job market. It offers companies, institutions and associations the opportunity to make contact with young talents at an early stage and seeks to ease the transition for students into professional life.

Companies, institutions and associations can get in touch with students on Career Day and present themselves with a stand and/or a talk.

You also have the option of using our ‘bulletin board’ to post career-related announcements and events for students, or of publishing your job vacancies on the B2S platform.

Overview of the recruitment options for companies at BFH-TI.

Final-year theses

The ‘Book’ series, which we publish each autumn, contains the final-year theses of the year’s bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes.

Bachelor’s theses

In the course of the bachelor’s degree programme, students are required to work on current topical problem statements for their semester papers and final-year theses (bachelor’s theses). Our students are very interested in collaborating on projects with companies.

If your company has any suitable project topics to offer, please contact us.


We publish a one-page summary of each successfully completed bachelor’s thesis in our ‘Book’, a company-sponsored publication.

My company has an idea!

The Statistical Advisory Service at Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) consists of professors of mathematics, statistics and economics. Its mission is to support BFH students and staff, as well as external individuals and companies, in dealing with statistical evaluations.

Our services in research and development

In addition, we offer services for companies in the area of research and development.