Our research and development services

We offer innovative solutions, fast results and diverse applications to meet the challenges currently faced by society and the economy. By collaborating with us, industry and public organisations gain access to in-depth specialist knowledge and a broad array of services, ranging from analyses and the use of research infrastructure to comprehensive studies.

Collaboration with industry

The research services we provide for companies and public institutions have a strong application and market focus. There is a wide choice of collaboration models. Companies and organisations, for instance, work with us to develop solutions and methods for various issues. We also offer a broad array of services, ranging from analyses and the use of research infrastructure to comprehensive studies.

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Student projects have proved successful in implementing the model of a flexible collaboration with industry and business. Projects can be carried out in cooperation with our students in the form of a project or final paper, in which the students are bound by a curriculum.

One advantage of this form of collaboration is that both the students and business partners can gradually work their way into the subject matter. Another is that the industry partners are given the opportunity to get to know the students with an eye to future forms of collaboration. The student theses are supervised by experienced lecturers.

Bachelor’s theses

In the course of the bachelor’s degree programme, students are required to work on current topical problem statements for their semester papers and final-year theses (bachelor’s theses). Our students are very interested in collaborating on projects with companies.

If your company has any suitable project topics to offer, please contact us.

We publish a one-page summary of each successfully completed bachelor’s thesis in our ‘Book’, a company-sponsored publication.

Master’s theses

For many years now, small and large companies from a wide range of industries have been benefiting from collaborations with our researchers and master’s students.

Please contact us! The heads are pleased to consider your proposals.

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Applied research is carried out at institutes that offer a broad array of services and whose flexible collaboration model means they can launch research and development projects within a short space of time.

We pursue an intense exchange of research and knowledge with industry. This gives companies access to an excellent research infrastructure that ensures the development of key technologies for the future, combined with sound expertise in the subject matter and strong research capabilities. The use of highly diversified research and business networks benefits everyone involved. Give us a try.

From a few hours to months

The Institute for Human Centered Engineering (HuCE), for instance, is equipped with modern infrastructure for rapid prototyping in the mechanical and electronic fields. This includes a 3D plotter laser welding machine, ASIC die and wire bonders and an SMD/BGA picking system. Thanks to this state-of-the-art landscape, industrial prototypes can be produced in-house right up to series production.

The benefits to you:

  • Directly financed collaborations are: fast and can be implemented immediately; tailored to the needs of the industry partner; the results belong to the customer.
  • Mixed-funded projects are: partially financed (cost coverage 20–50%); intellectual property (IP) goes to the company. Industry partners benefit from well-oiled networks and teams.

What we offer:

  • Possibility of immediate, straightforward project launch and quick results
  • Collaboration offering the company access to state-of-the-art infrastructure in areas such as analysis, prototyping and 3D printing. A clean room with ISO certification (unique in continental Europe) is also available.
  • Results belong to the industry partner; market prices.
Research & Development | BFH

The purpose of collaboration projects is to improve the exchange of knowledge and technology between BFH-TI and the business sector in order to develop feasible innovative solutions for business and translate them into practice. We work closely with you to plan, coordinate and implement R&D projects at a national and international level.

What we offer:

  • Consultancy in research design, initiation and evaluation of proposed research projects
  • Search for partners; project applications to funding organisations (CTI, SNSF or EU)
  • Project and quality management, project implementation
  • Application of new technologies to specific problem statements
  • Analysis and recognition of developmental trends
  • Development of innovative and sustainable solutions for current problems and challenges

We offer companies a broad spectrum of activities, courses, seminars and training.

A key objective of our educational and research mandate is to get people thinking and acting like entrepreneurs. We motivate and empower students, alumni and staff to translate technical innovations into competitive business models.

Project idea: partner companies

During their studies, students complete practical projects, firstly in project assignments and then as part of a bachelor’s thesis. Interested business partners who would like to suggest a topic for such a work or for another project can contact us at any time!


My company has an idea!

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