New platform brings together entrepreneurs and investors

29.03.2023 In the future, it should become easier for start-ups to access funding. This is made possible by honestmonday’s matchmaking platform, which connects companies with investors based on digital business plans. A team of BFH researchers supports the continued development of the platform in order to improve matchmaking effectiveness and flexibility.

The search for financial resources is a time-consuming and complex task for companies: potential funders (public funding, private investors, foundations, or banks) must be contacted individually. They use different application forms or business plans, and usually have different tendering processes. As a rule, there is a 6-month delay between the application and the decision, and success often depends on the quality of one’s personal network. honestmonday ( was founded in 2021 with the goal of accelerating this process and facilitating the sustainable financing of start-ups. honestmonday offers entrepreneurs and investors a digital matchmaking platform. It is based on a high-quality, standardised and therefore comparable digital business plan. This saves start-ups a lot of time, as they do not have to prepare and submit their information multiple times. Moreover, they are offered support to enter their business plan. To make matchmaking even easier and more effective, honestmonday is working on the further development of the matchmaking platform as part of an Innocheque project with researchers from BFH’s Institute for Data Applications and Security IDAS. Other BFH experts are involved in the project. They contribute their knowledge in particular in the fields of circular economy and social sustainability.

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BFH pilot customer

BFH’s Entrepreneurship Office acts as a pilot customer for honestmonday. It has purchased ten “coupons” that give access to the matchmaking platform. In the future, the Entrepreneurship Office intends to hand out these coupons to promising BFH start-ups and spin-offs, thus supporting them on the path to securing funding from an investor. Once successful start-ups will have paid back the price of the coupon, the Entrepreneurship Office will use it to give another start-up access to the matchmaking process.

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