Support of Bern University of Applied Sciences in the field of Generative AI

27.03.2024 The possibilities of Generative AI are developing rapidly. The technology generates new content based on specifications and existing data. The potential for companies is huge, but they face tough decisions on how best to use the technologies readily available. BFH’s newly founded Generative AI Lab offers them expert support in this regard.

Generative AI offers new, unexplored possibilities that could significantly improve various aspects of business and technology and make them more innovative. BFH’s Generative AI Lab is a cutting-edge research facility dedicated to exploring and advancing the capabilities of AI technology in creating new content such as text, images and music. The fields of application are diverse and include health, well-being, industry, art and communication.

BFH offers collaboration opportunities to a variety of stakeholders, including SMEs, startups and public authorities, in order to facilitate and support their transformative journey into generative AI. The creation of the laboratory stems from the Applied Machine Intelligence AMI research group, which has worked for many years on R&D projects in the field of AI in verious sectors of the economy. For this reason, the Generative AI Lab has specific infrastructure at hand to assess the use of the new technology in case studies for its partners.

The Generative AI Lab team is led by Prof. Dr Mascha Kurpicz-Briki (language models) and Dr Souhir Ben Souissi (multimedia models).

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“The potential of new technologies is huge, and the knowledge in this field must be transferred from research to the Swiss economy. Our Generative AI Lab offerts expert support to companies in this regard.”

Prof. Dr. Mascha Kurpicz-Briki
Prof. Dr. Mascha Kurpicz-Briki

“We look forward to boosting the development of generative AI technologies and their applications in Switzerland.”

Dr. Souhir Ben Souissi
Dr. Souhir Ben Souissi


In recent years, Prof. Dr. Mascha Kurpicz-Briki has intensively studied the latest transformer-based language models, which are of foremost importance for various applications in the field of automatic text processing and generation. Moreover, she is the author of a book on this topic, “More than a Chatbot: Language Models Demystified”.

Dr. Souhir Ben Souissi is an expert in the fields of deep learning and generative AI for industry-specific applications. Her previous projects include applications in the fields of remote sensing, medicine and art.

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