Counselling services

The counselling service of the Bernese universities supports you with questions concerning your studies, work or personal development.

Counselling Centre Universities of Bern

The Counselling Centre offers psychological counselling, coaching, information and workshops for students and teaching staff at Bern universities. The services are confidential and free.


The Centre provides students with counselling on issues such as difficulties with their studies, learning strategies, working methods, preparing for exams, handling stress and crisis situations, changing courses, starting work, relationships and personal development. Students looking for specific information about their degree programme should contact their Head of Degree Programme or Head of Division at the university. The Counselling Centre supports teaching staff with advice and coaching concerning the supervision of students, management and team development, career-related issues, conflicts and personal difficulties. Counselling and coaching sessions vary in length and are agreed on a case-by-case basis.


The Counselling Centre provides an extensive range of information. On its website, you will find the programme handbook for Bern University of Applied Sciences, a link portal (a collection of around 500 university-related web addresses, grouped by subject), extensive FAQs, tips on developing key skills (stress management, giving presentations, academic writing, learning, exams) and information about graduation, starting a career and student finances.


Every semester, the Centre holds workshops on subjects such as work management, learning methods, exam situations, stress management, presentations, academic writing and starting a career. Programmes and information are available on the Counselling Centre’s website.


The library at Erlachstrasse 17 in Bern specialises in literature on academic programmes, planning and structuring your studies and career options, as well as on psychological subjects such as personal development, relationships, team development, conflicts and adult education methodologies. The Counselling Centre’s online library regularly presents books on selected subject areas.

Opening hours

Mon 8 am–noon/1:30 pm–5 pm
Tues 8 am–noon/1:30 pm–5 pm
Wed 1:30 pm–5 pm
Thur 8 am–noon/1:30 pm–5 pm
Fri 8 am–noon/1:30 pm–4:30 pm


Call or visit the office to arrange an appointment. You can also email the Centre with your concerns or questions using the form provided. The Counselling Centre remains open during the semester holidays.

Statistical Advisory Service

The Statistical Advisory Service at Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) is run by mathematics, statistics and business professors and was set up to help BFH students and staff and external individuals and companies with statistical evaluations.

Many applied research and development projects and many of the projects that our students work on during their bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes are based on the interpretation of measurements and observations. They include statistical evaluations, where a sound scientific basis is of crucial importance.

Because the success of a statistical evaluation often depends on correct experimental design, we recommend that you contact the Statistical Advisory Service during the planning phase of your project. The team will discuss your project with you and help you select a suitable statistical method and a statistical computer program package.

Consultations on projects and work

The Statistical Advisory Service accepts projects that require the evaluation of statistical data (e.g. for BFH Institutes, research groups, CTI projects, etc.). Core competencies include statistics, risk analysis and business analyses/business plans. Phone or email one of the listed contacts for a preliminary discussion of your project.

Face-to-face advice is provided free of charge, provided the consultation does not exceed one hour. Up to two representatives of the Statistical Advisory Service will take part in a consultation. For consultations regarding bachelor’s or master’s theses, we recommend that the relevant supervisors attend as well as the students.

Consultations generally take place in Bern, Burgdorf or Biel.

Data and risk analyses on a contract basis

Following the consultation, the Statistical Advisory Service team will let you know whether they are in a position to collaborate on your project. Once a project is accepted, the parties will agree on a timetable and cost estimate with price ceiling.

The team at the Statistical Advisory Service do not generally carry out ‘quick evaluations’. The minimum time spent on a project is normally around 50 hours. Bear in mind that projects can take more than two weeks to process. Projects that involve experimental designs are given top priority (e.g. in connection with CTI projects or collaborations with companies).

Reports, publications and rights

If you anticipate that the projects will result in publications, presentations or posters, this should be discussed during the consultation and agreements should be made regarding co-authorship. If the BFH Statistical Advisory Service is named in publications or presentations, the copy must be approved by the relevant advisor. This helps the Statistical Advisory Service safeguard the quality of its work.

The Statistical Advisory Service guarantees that data from projects or from bachelor’s/master’s theses will be treated confidentially. The Service is interested in using data from the collaboration in teaching and for academic publications. However, this will only happen with the written agreement of the client.