Automotive Engineering Laboratory

In the areas of active and passive safety, we carry out the driving and crash tests necessary for the development and characterisation of vehicles as well as for their safety certification.

Our Laboratory

In addition to the measuring instruments, we have a test track with sliding linings and ISO-certified linings for brake and noise measurements, hydropulse systems and a shaker as well as traction equipment for structural investigations at our disposal.
With a mobile tyre test laboratory we can measure parameters of PW tyres, road surfaces and snow chains. We can also test the passive safety of complete vehicles (0 to 3,500 kJ energy), components and vehicle restraint systems as well as the safety of protective net tests on various crash systems.

Our activities

On our servo-hydraulic test stands and the DTC test track, we examine vehicles and components with regard to durability and driving behaviour. We test the active safety of your vehicles for you, from the design to the safe driving operation.

  • Development testing
  • Homologation test
  • Noise measurement
  • Examination of modifications
  • Strength test 
  • Vehicle dynamics study
  • Product certification
  • Full vehicle crash test
  • Sled test
  • component testing
  • Expertise
  • Dynamic special test


  • Operational and traffic safety of road vehicles, aircraft seats, cable cars, construction / agricultural machines
  • Developments in the field of vehicle engineering (lightweight vehicles)
  • Experience in the construction and operation of vehicle crash test facilities (impact tests)
  • Simulations and calculations in the field of accident analysis and vehicle restraint systems
  • Execution and interpretation of impact tests for occupant and pedestrian protection as well as for vehicle restraint systems and rockfall protection devices
  • Tyre and roadway measurements 
  • Analyses of driver assistance systems


Our laboratory has the following special facilities which may be of interest to potential external partners:

  • Test track with sliding linings and ISO-certified lining for brake and noise measurements 
  • Hydropulse systems, shakers and tension/compression testing equipment 
  • Mobile tyre test laboratory 
  • Crash systems 

The following companies are among the most important external research partners of the Laboratory for Automotive Engineering:


Contact us or meet our technical experts at various events in a direct conversation. Collaboration results in a win-win situation for everyone involved: your company, society and the university of applied sciences.