Electrical Machines and Drives Laboratory

We focus on optimally matched systems for the efficient use of electric drives in various applications in energy technology, mobility and industry.

Our Laboratory

We work on all components of the electric drive system; from the design and construction of the electric machine to the development of power electronic actuators as well as the development of control electronics and software.


The Laboratory for Electrical Machines and Drive Systems provides the following services for companies and other organizations:

  • Calculations with a finite element software (2D/3D) for the simulation of magnetic, mechanical and thermal processes.
  • Rapid production of high quality prototypes in the in-house workshop in cooperation with highly qualified producers.
  • Testing of electrical machines up to an output of 40 kW in our own engine test stands.

The following companies have emerged from projects in the laboratory for electrical machines and drive systems:


  • Development and lay out design of electromechanical energy converters in the fields of energy technology and mobility
  • Dimensioning, calculation and design of energy-efficient drives on the basis of permanent magnet synchronous machines
  • Use of energy-efficient permanent magnet machines in conjunction with advanced control technology
  • Performing of coupled magnetic, mechanical and thermal calculations and simulations
  • Using model-based programming and hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) development processes for drive systems

The Laboratory for Electrical Machines and Drive Systems has the following facilities, which may be of interest to potential external partners:

  • Several engine test stands ranging from 0.1 kW to 40 kW. Torque measuring shafts from 0.2 to 500 Nm at rotational speeds up to 10'000 rpm
  • A fully automated test stand for engine measurements up to 11kW according to test standard IEC 600034-2-1
  • Two modern 6-phase power meters HIOKI POWER ANALYZER PW6001 for recording all relevant parameters of electrical drives (operation in master-slave mode possible)
  • Fully automated water pump test stand for testing solar water pumps in a range up to 2kW and a flow rate up to 300ltr/min
  • Two modern HIL test environments based on NI LabView respectively Matlab/dSpace. They allow the fast design and verification of new controller concepts for electric drives.
  • Partial discharge test of motor stators using a stationary voltage tester and an oscilloscope

drivetek ag

Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) Later Stage Award - Best in Transportation 2013 «Demanding applications in the areas of transport, energy and industry require precisely coordinated electrical drives. drivetek ag is a leading engineering service provider for application-specific drive technology. Their strength is in the system design: they develop hardware, software and electrical machines in-house and guarantee optimized systems and proper function.» 

Finalist Entrepreneur Of The Year™ (Project «Spirit of Bike»)

Ernst & Young (EY) 2002

EY selected Andrea Vezzini as Entrepreneur Of The Year™ in Switzerland. EY selects an Entrepreneur Of The Year in more than 50 countries and 140 cities worldwide. EY is proud of the fact that Entrepreneur Of The Year is the only global entrepreneurial program of its kind. 

Swiss Technology Award

2000: for the development of the electric drive for the motorglider "Antares"

No other competition can look back on such a tradition and success story as the "Swiss Technology Award" initiative. The decisive factors for the high attractiveness are: firstly, that generally technological innovations are often awarded prizes, and secondly, that the prize is not a thick check, but a bundle of opportunities - opportunities for a rapid market entry.


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