About us

Our motivated team of young engineers from the fields of mechanical, electrical and micro-engineering loves to solve concrete problems faced by the industry.


The Institute of Printing Technology is headed up by Karl-Heinz Selbmann and employs a team of ten or so scientific staff and assistants. Every year, two to three students complete their bachelor’s or master’s thesis at the IDT.


Different forms of cooperation allow us to cater to partners’ specific needs:

  • Project staff from the industrial partner can undertake temporary assignments at the Institute (very welcome, whether in the context of a joint project or for training purposes)
  • Research collaborations (long-term, governed by framework agreements)
  • Research and development contracts (e.g. CTI projects)
  • Consulting and services


  • Design Prize Switzerland 2015, category ‘Research’ for the DAFAT project (Digital Application of Ink on Textiles).

  • Styner Prize for the master’s thesis ‘Development of a high-speed 3D printer for operative planning’ by Michael Schmid.

Venture Kick 2015 Stage 1&2 for ReseaTech

ReseaTech is a spin-off of Bern University of Applied Sciences, originating from a CTI project of the Institute for Print Technology in collaboration with the company ReseaChem.

Ypsomed Innovation Prize 2014

For the project ‘Microdosing unit for bioreactors’ by Simon Zumbrunnen, Philipp Haslebacher and Stefan Berger

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Research is done by people! Contact details for our staff are listed below.

Burgdorf, Pestalozzistr. 20

Institut für Drucktechnologie

Institut für Drucktechnologie
Pestalozzistrasse 20
3400 Burgdorf

+41 344264329