Creative concepts to tackle today’s challenges

10.01.2023 Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) has developed a new strategy to tackle the most pressing challenges of our time. As an engaged university at the heart of society, it pools its expertise across multiple disciplines to actively shape the transformation into a sustainable, united and digitally literate society – together with and for the canton of Bern, Switzerland and the international community.

Climate change, an ageing society, scarcity of resources and the increasing digitalisation in all areas of everyday life are some of the key challenges facing us during the rest of the 21st century – and they require smart and creative responses. “Bern University of Applied Sciences takes account of these key issues in its strategy for 2023 to 2026 and aims to develop effective and beneficial solutions”, says BFH President Sebastian Wörwag. BFH has defined three strategic thematic fields to this end.

Foster, live and breathe sustainability

In terms of sustainable development, BFH focuses on three main areas: firstly, the development of resilient, healthy and sustainable food systems that ensure the continued regenerative capacity of the natural systems; secondly, the sustainable development of living environments, infrastructures and cities; and thirdly, the transition to a circular and climate-friendly economy, as a circular economy is indispensable when it comes to conserving natural resources and achieving climate goals.

Health and well-being of people of all ages

For BFH, people’s health is one of the criteria for a united society and its sustainable development. We particularly focus on the correlations between way of life, social situation and health. Together with experts in the field and users of care services, we enable social, organisational and technological innovations that promote health and well-being in society. We also use the opportunities for networking Bern offers as a major medical hub.

A digital transformation with people at its heart

Dealing with digitalisation carefully and thoughtfully is an elementary component of the digital transformation. BFH looks closely at the economic, legal, technological, ethical and communicative aspects of digitalisation and enables people to become digitally literate, with a clear focus on the people themselves. The aim is to develop and use data-based technologies such as artificial intelligence in a way that comes as close as possible to meeting people’s needs. BFH is heavily involved in the field of digital healthcare, with the goal of ensuring that this remains people-centric. In addition, BFH is examining the opportunities and risks of the next digital industrial revolution, drawing on interdisciplinary networks and collaborations as well as taking account of hot topics such as digital craftsmanship and the platform economy. Through these activities, BFH is helping to develop and implement digital business processes. Finally, as a co-founder of the BeLEARN competence centre, BFH is advancing digitalisation in education in order to play its part in promoting effective teaching and learning in a digitalised world.

More sustainable and social entrepreneurship

Innovation needs entrepreneurship. As an enterprising university, BFH will be stepping up its efforts to promote sustainable entrepreneurial thinking and actions in the coming years. An ideal blend of technology, company-founding expertise and infrastructure makes BFH the ideal home for future start-ups. With more founders, including women, from BFH on the scene, the Swiss entrepreneurial landscape is set to become more sustainable, more socially oriented and more feminine.

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