Microscopy testing services

At our microscopy laboratory, we analyse and evaluate material structures and surfaces at a microscopic level with a focus on natural fibre-based materials.

Range of services

We carry out standardised and development tests. These are used for structural analysis in the field of materials research and for the evaluation of processes in surface technology.

All orders are carried out by qualified professionals from the relevant specialist field and treated confidentially.

We offer the following services:

  • Assessment of surfaces and material structures
  • Assessment of composite materials
  • Analysis of the layer structure and determination of layer thicknesses
  • Determination of type of wood

In addition, experts with extensive know-how are available for consultations, expert opinions and expert reports.


We are able to provide services and carry out development tasks with a high degree of proficiency using the following:
Microscopes and software:

Microscopes and software:

  • Transmitted light microscope 25–1000x Leica DMLM
  • Electron microscope: 50–30000x Hitachi (ESEM) TM3030 incl. EDX detector
  • Stereo microscope 10–115x Leica MZ16
  • Atomic force microscope Easyscan 2
  • Fluorescent light source

Specimen preparation:

  • Embedding device
  • Grinding and polishing equipment
  • Slide microtomes for the preparation of thin sections
  • Sputtering unit (gold/palladium, carbon)


I would be happy to provide you with further information and look forward to hearing from you: