Services in eco-balance and life cycle analysis

We get your products fit for the market in the sustainable economy and advise you on the topics of ecological balance sheets, life cycle analyses and the circular economy.

The sparing use of natural resources is becoming increasingly important – especially in construction. The key issue here is to consider the ecological impact throughout the entire life cycle of a product: in the extraction of resources, transport to the place of manufacture, the actual manufacturing process, the use and ultimately the recycling or disposal of the product.

Range of services

We accompany you from the initial idea through to the product launch. We work with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method according to ISO 140140 and specialise in the LCA of wood and wood-based materials, especially building materials, which we analyse for you according to EN 15804 as the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

We offer the following services:

  • LCA according to ISO 140140 and 14044, hot spot search, comparative LCA, scenario analysis and model sensitivity analysis
  • Environmental analysis accompanying innovation development
  • LCA of building materials, building components and buildings according to EN 15804 for sustainability standards
  • Cleaner Production Assessment to improve both eco-performance and cost efficiency at the same time
  • Sustainability analysis (through environmental, cost and social indicators)
  • Carbon balance
  • LCA training and sustainability courses
  • Consulting in the area of environment and sustainability


We are able to provide services and carry out development tasks with a high degree of proficiency thanks to the following infrastructure:


  • SimaPro


  • Ecoinvent3
  • ELCD
  • Industry data 2.0
  • Agri-footprint

Others on request


  • Ecological Scarcity 2013
  • Global Warming Potential IPCC 2013
  • CML
  • USEtox
  • Impact 2002+
  • ILCD 2011 Midpoint+
  • ReCiPe
  • Water Footprint Pfister 2009
  • Ecological Footprint
  • Green House Gas Protocol
  • EPD according to EN 15804
  • PCR according to EN 16485


I would be happy to provide you with further information and look forward to hearing from you: