Transport infrastructure services

Building materials are a key element in ensuring the sustainability of transport infrastructure. These materials represent both opportunities and potential risks, which must be assessed by means of specialised services.

Range of services

We provide services and expert reports for private and public clients.

All orders are carried out by qualified specialists from the relevant field and are treated confidentially.

The various tests are carried out in accordance with the standardisation requirements of the particular field. We offer tests in the following areas in particular:

  • Bitumen recovery, rotary evaporator (SN 670 403-NA)
  • Softening point ring and ball (SN 670 512)
  • Penetration (SN 670 511)
  • Penetration index (SN 670 202-NA)
  • Fraass breaking point (SN 670 507)
  • Elastic recovery (SN 670 547)
  • Determination of viscosity (SN 670 542)
  • Determination of particle size distribution (SN 670 402 / SN 670 902-2a)
  • Determination of particle density and water absorption (SN EN 1097-6)
  • Los Angeles Test (SN EN 1097-2)
  • Polished stone value (PSV) (SN EN 1097-8)
  • Flakiness Index (FI), particle shape (SN EN 933-3)
  • Percentage of broken particles in aggregates (SN EN 933-5)
  • Amount of foreign matter in reclaimed asphalt (visual inspection) (SN EN 12697-42)
  • Sieve analysis including soluble binder content (SN 670 402 / SN 670 902-2a)
  • Density (SN 670 405)
  • Preparation of test specimen: Marshall (SN 670 430)
  • Preparation of test specimen: Gyrator (SN 670 431a)
  • Marshall test, incl. bulk density, VMA and VFB (SN 670 406/408/430/434)
  • Splitting tensile test (indirect tensile strength) (SN 670 423)
  • Water sensitivity of bituminous specimens ITSR (SN 670 412)
  • Static indentation depth on mastic asphalt (SN 670 420)
  • Workability (Nynas Maniabilimeter, NF P 98-258-1-2013)
  • Layer adhesion of drill core (SN 670 461)
  • PAH content (spray)

Exchange and/or active participation in various professional groups of experts from road construction test laboratories that are accredited at a national (ROBIN, VAB) and international level (FEHRL, RILEM) enable us to guarantee services in accordance with current requirements.

In addition, experts with extensive know-how are available for consultations, expert opinions and expert reports.


The testing laboratory for bituminous materials (binders, aggregates, coatings) enables a wide range of tests and measurements to be performed and is available for use by lecturers as well as R&D staff.