Introduction to Academic Writing

On the «Introduction to Academic Writing» course you will acquire the necessary skills in academic writing that will enable you to obtain admission to continuing education at the CAS level and in some case the MAS/EMBA levels. This course is designed for those who have no (or insufficient) academic qualifications.

In this course you will learn:

  • The basics of academic writing
  • How to find literature and how to make citations
  • How to argume in a scientific way 
  • How to plan a paper
Infoveranstaltung EMBA - DAS - CAS


  • Degree/Certificate Course confirmation
  • Duration 2 days
  • Schedule -
  • Application deadline Registration is possible at any time
  • Costs CHF 600
  • Teaching language German
  • Location Bern, Schwarztorstrasse 48
  • School Business School
  • Next session Spring 2021 courses in February, March and May

Requirements and admission

Target group

This course is open to anyone who wishes to attend a CAS course but does not have the necessary academic qualifications in  writing. Please note that completion of this course may be part of the admission requirements for the various study programmes.


Eligible for admission are those who have registered for a CAS course of study and meet the other admission requirements or have been recommended or required to complete this course by the director of studies.

If you have any questions regarding admission, please contact the director of studies responsible for the CAS/EMBA programme you wish to join.

Read more about the need to acquire skills in academic writing in the article «Wissenschaftlich für Ihre Praxis», published in the 2/2014 issue of Präsenz (in German).

Admission requirements

More information on the course structure and eligibility for admission to university-level continuing education:

Course dates + Organisation

Course Spring 2021, Session 1 February (2 days of attendance)

17 February 2021, 08.30 - 12.00, 13.00 - 16.30 and
24 February 2021, 08.30 - 12.00, 13.00 - 16.30

Course Spring 2021, Session 2 March (2 days of attendance)

8 March 2021, 08.30 - 12.00, 13.00 - 16.30 and
15 March 2021, 08.30 - 12.00, 13.00 - 16.30

Course Spring 2021, Session 3 May (2 days of attendance) *

19 May 2021, 08.30 - 12.00, 13.00 - 16.30 and
26 May 2021, 08.30 - 12.00, 13.00 - 16.30

* Important note on course sessions

The session marked with an asterisk * can be taken at the same time as a CAS course. Combinations may result in problems in the initial half of your CAS course as required days of attendance may overlap with teaching days of your CAS course.  If this is the case, please contact your head of the degree programme.

Please note that if you fail the course CAS course tuition fees are non-refundable. You will be able to continue to attend your CAS course classroom sessions; confirmation of your presence will be provided if required. You will not be able to acquire the CAS qualification.

Self-study/proof of competence

4 hours prior to the first day of the course, 4 hours between the days of the course and 20 hours over 3 to 4 weeks directly following the second day of the course. 4 hours are to be completed in a small learning group, which will be formed on the first day and which will preferably meet about 1 week after the second day. Please ensure you plan sufficient additional time margins.

Schedule-related problems

If you find that the timetabled courses do not suit your schedule, it is also possible to take the course at the Department of Social Work. You can find the current timetable here:

Course in «Introduction to Academic Writing», Social Work (in German)


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