Mentoring Programme BFH Business School

Gain valuable experience, make important contacts and benefit from the experience of renowned experts: The mentoring programme of the BFH Business School offers a lot to help students to support them personally and to help them in their career planning.

In a mentoring programme, students are in exchange with an experienced professional. The personal needs, interests and goals of the students are the focus of attention. These are formulated at the beginning and are processed and evaluated in the course of the mentoring programme. Mentors are to serve as catalysts who help the students to develop their potential. Possible topics include:

  • career planning
  • personal and professional development
  • networking
  • wage or other negotiations
  • business plans and self-employment
  • reconciling work and family life
  • exchange on specialist topics
  • assistance in decision making
  • insights into the everyday work of the mentor

Duration of the Mentoring Programme

The mentoring programme lasts for about one year and starts in Autumn. Ideally, students continue to be mentored for a few months after the start of their careers and can thus exchange views on current topics. The mentoring sessions range from four to six meetings. At the beginning and the end of the mentoring programme there is a network meeting where all participants can get to know each other and exchange information.

Who Is the Mentoring Programme Aimed At?

  • students in the last year of their bachelor or master studies at the BFH Business School
  • students interested in developing their personality and reflecting on their career goals
  • students who wish to benefit from the experience and exchange with mentors
  • readiness for self-reflection, initiative, commitment, trust, commitment and openness. The fixing of regular meetings is the responsibility of the students

Who Are Our Mentors?

  • experienced professionals or project managers with a management or IT background who would like to share their management experience and their network
  • our mentors are committed to accompanying one of our students and share their experiences in a way that is beneficial for the students
  • mentors are either alumni of BFH Business School or members of BPW (Business and Professional Women)

Further Information


The registration for the mentoring programme 2020/2021 is now closed. Interested mentors and mentees who would like to participate in the 2021/2022 mentoring programme are welcome to contact Stephanie Blum (

General conditions

Mentors commit themselves to a binding and active commitment as well as participation in the planned events. The meetings are preferably held in person, but can also be held via video conference if required. In addition, a meeting can also be combined with a symposium or lectures, etc. Students pay a contribution towards expenses of CHF 150. The mentors are volunteers.


Based on the needs and interests of the students and mentors, the BFH Business School matches the tandems and informs participants about their tandem partners before the kick-off event.

Selected Mentors

Please check the German version of this page to see a few of our mentors.


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