1st PhD Winter School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship January 22-26, 2024

In recognition of the global community's collective responsibility to sustainable development, we are pleased to host the Swiss African Winter School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

22.01.2024 until 26.01.2024 – Business School, Brückenstrasse 73, 3005 Bern

The application deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications.

This exceptional opportunity will provide a platform for emerging scholars to address the complex challenges of sustainable development and explore innovative solutions. We are happy to welcome PhD students from Africa and Europe, creating an enriching and diverse intellectual environment.

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with editors from major journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Journal of Business Research and Journal of Business Venturing.


  • Start date 22.01.2024
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  • End date 26.01.2024
  • Place Business School, Brückenstrasse 73, 3005 Bern
  • Status The application deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications.

What is it about

This intensive program is designed to provide doctoral students in the fields of entrepreneurship and management of innovation with a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills, and network within a dynamic and supportive academic environment.

The winter school brings together PhD students and senior researchers from Africa and Europe to exchange ideas and gain new insights on relevant topics in innovation and entrepreneurship research. It focuses on research that addresses sustainable development and society's Grand Challenges. 
The overarching objective is to contribute to answering the following questions: 

  • How can innovation and entrepreneurship help in fostering sustainable development and mitigate society's Grand Challenges? 
  • How can collaborative research lead to new and better insights? 
  • How can researchers maximize their positive impact? 

The week-long event includes keynote speeches from senior researchers and expert practitioners, opportunities for participants to present and discuss their research, and a chance to network and find collaborators across continents. There will also be workshops on publishing (meet the editors) and reviewing, short courses on innovative methodologies, and a study trip to an innovation park. 

Key program highlights

Cutting-edge Research:

Explore the latest trends, theories, and methods in innovation and entrepreneurship research, and gain insights into research topics that have the potential to address Grand Challenges such as social entrepreneurship, affordable and inclusive innovation, and more.

Interactive Workshops:

Participate in methods workshops focused on innovative qualitative and quantitative methods to further develop your methodological skills. Acquire essential skills and techniques necessary for advancing your research career. 

Peer Collaboration:

Interact with fellow PhD students from diverse backgrounds to foster a rich and vibrant intellectual community. Benefit from peer feedback, brainstorming sessions, and opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.  

Expert Mentorship:

Receive personalized guidance and mentorship from accomplished faculty members throughout the week. Gain valuable insights from their experiences and enhance your research trajectory and career prospects. 

Networking Opportunities:

Interact with leading scholars, entrepreneurs, and industry experts through panel discussions, guest lectures, and networking events. Build lasting connections within the entrepreneurship research community.