Professional growth + Prospects

At BFH, we believe in lifelong learning – not just for our students but for our staff, too.

Our staff have access to a range of development opportunities and a wide choice of internal and external continuing education programmes. Encouraging young academics is a priority at BFH.

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The central course programme lists free practice-based, topic-specific courses for canton staff, designed to assist and facilitate their day-to-day tasks.

The University Didactics & E-learning unit (HdEL) helps lecturers and associate lecturers to keep pace with contemporary teaching practices through its modular courses, free workshops and individual consultations.

BFH staff benefit from affordable language courses and coaching sessions as well as the opportunity to team up with a language tandem partner. Our courses and workshops are designed to offer all staff the opportunity to develop their language skills and get to grips with a multilingual environment.

For a university, developing the next generation of lecturers and researchers (mid-level academic staff such as assistants, research associates and PhD students), particularly those with a dual skills profile (academic ability and practical experience) is a key long-term strategic necessity. All departments at BFH have evolved specific mid-level and long-term career concepts for their staff, with specifically tailored development and qualification opportunities.

By establishing close ties between research and the master’s degree programmes, BFH offers young researchers and mid-level academic staff a springboard for careers at the highest level. Collaborations and flexible structures enable us to offer practice-based doctoral programmes.

Lecturers, researchers and administration staff at BFH have the opportunity to spend time abroad for teaching or continuing education purposes. In encouraging this, BFH helps its staff to add an international dimension to their job, to network internationally and to further their personal development.

BFH has 11 highly specialised libraries. Together, they offer over 250,000 books and other physical media. More than 28,000 electronic journals, 70,000 electronic books and around 70 specialist databases are available for online use.

Staff at BFH have access to various events such as ‘Treffpunkt BFH’, ‘Wissenschaftscafé’, lectures, symposia, workshops, etc. These encourage an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and help our staff to expand their professional network.