Career Services at the Bern University of Applied Sciences: Best Practice

We would be happy to help you with the planning, organisation and execution of events for students about to start their careers.

Facilitate the career entry

Use events and activities in your courses, programmes, degree programmes and departments to make the initial steps into the world of work easier for new Bern University of Applied Sciences graduates.

Examples of possible formats:

  • Former students explain what they are doing today (for instance, podium discussions, lectures, on-line course summaries).
  • Live Cases
    The goal of our «Live Cases» is to apply learned knowledge to a complex, real-life challenge.
    Two examples: Cheeky Campers and Smart Cities
  • Present occupations and industrial sectors in a series of lectures, podium discussions or company events.
  • Teaching units on formatting application documents, applications for funding, etc.
  • BFH diagonal is an elective programme for students that teaches interdisciplinary skills

Mentoring programme

The Bern University of Applied Sciences works with the BFH Alumni Association (Dachverband Alumni BFH) to promote the creation of mentoring programmes. In these mentoring programmes students are helped in the transition from university to the world of work by former students.

Mentoring programme in your department

Departments can offer mentoring programmes to help students in their transition from university to work.

The BFH Alumni Association would be happy to help you in developing this concept and putting it into practice. A mentoring programme has already been successfully developed in conjunction with the Department of Social Work.

Brown bag lunches: BFH graduates report on their day-to-day work

The BFH Alumni Association will gladly assist you in the concept design and implementation of a lunch-time event so that students can learn more about the job opportunities available after university. Former students recount their professional career and their working day.