Virtual Academy | Shaping the teaching of tomorrow

We help our lecturers and teaching staff to update their teaching on an ongoing basis. Would you like to optimise your courses, introduce new methods, incorporate digital elements and generally expand your skill set in the field of teaching and e-learning? We are delighted to provide continuing education and guidance.

Teaching guidance

Providing guidance for lecturers and teaching staff is one of our strong points. We can support and guide you in the following areas:

  • Planning modules
  • Developing degree programmes
  • Providing practice-oriented and research-based teaching
  • Providing guided self-study
  • Incorporating digital media (blended learning)
  • Optimising evidence of academic achievement
  • Designing large-group teaching activities
  • Making constructive use of student evaluations
  • Tackling motivation problems among students
  • Developing and running Moodle courses
  • Using audio in digital media
  • Creating educational films

BFH staff benefit from free individual and group guidance.

Continuing education at Virtual Academy

These courses are offered in German. For detailed information, go to the German page.

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