University sport

Bern University of Applied Sciences offers its staff and students a broad range of leisure activities, with training sessions in a variety of sports.

Available from

Semester cards and pay-as-you-go tickets for sports in Biel/Magglingen can be purchased here:

Federal Office of Sport FOSPO in Magglingen
Information Centre
CH-2532 Magglingen

Opening hours: Mon–Sun, 7 am–10 pm


You must show the instructor your student ID, ID card/passport, semester card or PAYG ticket each time you visit one of the regular training sessions.

Insurance and liability

Participants should ensure that they have adequate insurance and liability cover. Where permitted by law, BFH does not accept any liability in the event of an accident. We recommend that you check your insurance cover before your course begins.

University Sports Bern

On payment of an annual fee, students and staff of BFH in Bern and the surrounding area are entitled to use the facilities of University Sports Bern. All you need is a valid university sports membership card. You will find information about what University Sports Bern has to offer here:

Regular training sessions (price per semester)

BFH students, BFH employees and FOSPO

Free of charge

10 PAYG tickets for general public

CHF 50

‘Public’ semester card

CHF 80

Special courses (6 x 60-minute training sessions)

BFH students

CHF 50

BFH staff and FOSPO

CHF 75

General public

CHF 100

Special courses (6 x 90-minute training sessions)

BFH students

CHF 75

BFH staff and FOSPO

CHF 100

General public

CHF 150

Watersport courses (5 x 120-minute training sessions)

BFH students

CHF 125

BFH staff and FOSPO

CHF 150

Uni Bern and PH Bern students

CHF 150

Uni Bern and PH Bern staff

CHF 250

General public

CHF 250


Fee (per team) to be paid at the venue

CHF 10

BFH offers a range of different sports at reasonable prices at the locations of Biel, Burgdorf, Magglingen and Zollikofen.

BFH does not offer its own sports portfolio at the Bern location. However, employees and students (including former students) can take part in University Sports Bern.

Spring semester dates

Start of Semester

Monday, 21. February 2022

Start University Sport Monday, 21. February 2022
No University Sport in Biel / Magglingen Mondy, 18. - 22. April 2022
No University Sport in Biel / Magglingen «The Games» Wednesday, 18. Mai 2022
No University Sport in (Wednesday before vor Ascension) Wednesday, 25. May 2022
No University Sport - Ascension Thursday, 26. May 2022

End of Semester

Friday, 3. June 2022

End of University Sport BFH Friday, 3. June 2022

Watersports 2019 – enrolment dates

Start of enrolment for watersport courses

Monday, 25/02/ 2019

calendar week 9

End of enrolment for May–June watersport courses

Thursday 11/04/2019

calendar week 16

End of enrolment for August watersport courses

Thursday 11/07/2019

calendar week 28

Swiss University Sports is the umbrella organisation for all Swiss university sports bodies. It organises national and international sports events.

Are you interested in the Swiss Universities Championships, the European University Championships/Games (EUC and EUG), the World University Championships or the Winter/Summer Universiade?

For information about taking part in these championships, contact your University Sport Office or see the following websites:

Head of University Sport BFH

Watersports Office

Office opening hours:
Mon–Thur 9 am–noon/2 pm–4 pm
Fri 9 am–noon

Engineering and Information Technology (Biel)

Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering (Biel)

Engineering and Information Technology + Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering (Burgdorf)

Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen

School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences