Business Law

How do companies, employees and customers define their relationships with each other? In the CAS Business Law you will learn the relevant areas of law as a non-lawyer.

The CAS in Business Law teaches you how to deal with Swiss law in a reliable way.

  • You will acquire basic knowledge about the most important legal situations and questions of business practice
  • You foresee legal risks and take effective countermeasures
  • You manage conflicts effectively
  • You will receive practical training
  • You do not need any previous legal knowledge to participate in the CAS

From the seminar room to the courtroom - with the CAS Business Law you are in touch with practice (in German).


  • Degree/Certificate Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
  • Duration 21 study days
  • Schedule Thursday, Friday and Saturday full day, every 2 weeks
  • Application deadline 6 weeks before start, later registration also possible if places are available
  • ECTS credits 12 ECTS Credits
  • Costs CHF 8,500
  • Teaching language German
  • Location Bern, Schwarztorstrasse 48
  • School Business School
  • Next session Please visit the German website for more information

To register, please visit the German website. 

Content + structure


Condensed and target-oriented. The CAS in Business Law promotes your knowledge so that you can keep track of relevant legal issues in business practice. This will enable you to better assess situations and take effective measures. You anticipate legal risks and deal with conflicts in a clear and efficient manner.

Course objective

This CAS in Business Law you will provide you with an overview of the legal basis and will be able to make and justify decisions even better.

  • You will concentrate on the business law context instead of getting lost in details.
  • You will understand the various legal methods as tools that you can also apply in other situations.
  • You will be able to form your own opinion of legal situations in companies and administrative bodies.
  • You will handle legal risks consciously, according to business principles and with common sense.

The CAS Business Law brings you out of the classroom and into direct contact with the various players in the world of business law, their fields of law, ways of thinking and experiences.

  • Legal work: Browse databases and the law library of the University of Bern.
  • Contracts: Communication and common sense instead of inefficient processing.
  • Privacy and data protection:  a Herculean challenge.
  • Tax law: Business meets administration.
  • Commercial criminal law: In the Burgdorf Regional Prison.
  • Criminal procedural law: A trial or the trembling of the accused and the reflection of the judge.
  • Private insurance: Law as the business of a company.
  • Contract Management: A contract from planning to the (bitter) end or «See you in court!»
  • Business law where? In the Bundeshaus with a politician.
  • Transfer report: I got it! What now?

Modern communication possibilities enable both individualisation and a shift from the mere transfer of knowledge to self-study. This frees up space during attendance time for what is not possible at one's own desk: contact with interesting people in their business law working environments. Of course, the individual relevant fields of law and legal work itself are not neglected.

  • Learning reports
  • Group work

Title + degree

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) of the Bern University of Applied Sciences in «Business Law»  (12 ECTS credits)


Our lecturers are proven experts with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in their subject areas. They have at least a university degree plus many years of experience in higher education. 

Requirements + admission

Do you enjoy researching and analysing facts? Can you reduce even complex cases to their essence? Do you like logical thinking and stringent formulation? Do you know which rights and obligations employers have and when employees become liable to prosecution?

This extra-occupational continuing education programme is aimed at

  • Professionals at all levels as well as entrepreneurs who know important legal bases and want to include them in their business-relevant decisions
  • Executives or prospective executives who wish to pursue further legal training in addition to their initial training

University degree

You will be admitted to the programme with a degree from a university, university of applied sciences, university of teacher education, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, or an equivalent foreign university and at least two years of professional experience.

Higher vocational training

If you have a qualification from a higher vocational education institution (Diploma Höhere Fachschule HF, Federal Diploma, Federal Certificate of Proficiency) and several years of professional experience, you will also be admitted to the programme. However, you will be required to attend our Introduction to Academic Study before starting the CAS. Completion of this module is a prerequisite for admission to the CAS.


In exceptional circumstances applicants may still  be admitted. The head of the degree programme will make a decision based upon your application and extenuating circumstances. Please contact us. If you are admitted, you will in any case attend the course «Introduction to Academic Writing» (in German) before the first CAS.

Important to know:

No previous legal knowledge is required to take part in this CAS.

For all students of our CAS programmes we offer a half-day course Effective Learning. Attendance is recommended and is free of charge for CAS students. At this event, you will learn about the practice-oriented learning style used at universities of applied science.

Organisation + Registration

The duration of the programme is 21 study days. A maximum of 12 participants is allowed.

To register, please visit the German website. 

Documents required for registration

You can register online via registration form. For registration we require following documents (in PDF format, max. 1 MB per document): 

  • Diplomas 

  • Curriculum Vitae 

  • Passport-sized photo (in JPG format) 

Please upload these documents even if you have already submitted them for another application. 

Organisational aspects of the CAS

Thursday, Friday and Saturday full day, every 2 weeks. The timetable is published here six months before the start of the programme.

The registration deadline for the programme is 6 weeks before the start. If places are available, we will gladly accept your application after that deadline.

Advice and information events

Study Counselling

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Information events

In addition to the information events we offer you our personal advice. By telephone or directly online via MS Teams.

Please contact us!

Phone: 031 848 34 02

Organisation + Registration