BFH as co-founder of the worldwide Nature Positive Universities Alliance

22.12.2022 BFH is a founding member of the worldwide Nature Positive Universities Alliance. Members commit to making an active contribution to the conservation of nature and biodiversity. Participation in the Alliance aligns with the new BFH strategy, which places a particular emphasis on "Sustainable Development".

In December 2022, on the initiative of the UN Environment Programme and the University of Oxford, close to 120 universities around the globe joined forces to form the global Nature Positive Universities Alliance. These universities pledge to take measures to reduce their own ecological footprint and to advance efforts to combat the progressive loss of natural ecosystems. The Alliance is part of the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration proclaimed by the UN in 2021.

In backing the launch of the Alliance, the BFH is sending a clear signal and committing itself to not only taking up sustainability in teaching and research, but also to acting sustainably itself. For example, BFH has set itself the goal of being climate-neutral by 2030.

In becoming members of the Alliance, the universities have made the following key pledges:

  • Carrying out baseline assessments of their own impact on nature
  • Setting specific, time-limited and measurable targets for nature
  • Taking bold action to reduce biodiversity impacts, protect and restore species and ecosystems, while influencing others to do the same
  • Transparent annual reporting

Taking responsibility

Alongside the University of Geneva, BFH is one of the Swiss founding members of the Alliance. For President Sebastian Wörwag, the membership makes a clear statement: “As BFH, we take seriously the responsibility to open up new perspectives for a more sustainable society. But that alone is not enough. We must and will also critically evaluate our own behaviour and seek solutions to reduce the impact of our actions on nature and the climate.” By becoming a member of the Nature Positive Universities Alliance, BFH is also strengthening its role as a promoter of the transformation of institutions and systems towards a more sustainable way of life.

Whether staff, students, lecturers or researchers – everyone is invited to play their part in the scope of the Alliance membership. BFH will explore appropriate options for participation and the exchange of experiences. Some initial projects are already underway, for example on Permaculture at HAFL or the project Campus4Biodiversity at the AHB.

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