Innosuisse Flagship Initiative: BFH involved in four projects

30.11.2023 Following the second Innosuisse Flagship Initiative call, Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH is involved in four of the eight projects that have been approved. Theme of the call: “Disruptive solutions for the transition to a net zero world”.

The purpose of the Flagship Initiative of the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse is to promote systemic innovation in areas relevant to a large part of the economy or of society. It focuses on solutions for current or future challenges affecting multiple stakeholders who need to come together to overcome these challenges. The second call took place in 2023. Theme of the call: “Disruptive solutions for the transition to a net zero world”. A total of eight projects were approved. BFH is involved in four of them with the School of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering, the School of Engineering and Computer Science, and the Business School.


The project aims to optimise the use of local resources when planning, renovating and rehabilitating buildings in Switzerland and to minimise the environmental impact by exploiting the resource potential offered by brownfield sites.

This project presents a fundamental transformation process towards climate-neutral construction with wood and clay in three stages. Think Earth aims to lay the technological, economic, political and social foundations for climate-neutral construction with wood and clay and for the dismantling and deconstruction of wooden structures.

This project aims to establish a Swiss Circular Construction Digital Ecosystem for a paradigm shift towards a circular construction industry. Using a transdisciplinary approach, economic, legal and technological innovations are jointly developed to facilitate and disseminate circular practices in construction.

This project reviews mainstream use cases of grid-connected energy storage. It provides its operators with methods to design and operate them and assesses how these use cases can contribute to a functional energy storage infrastructure to achieve 100% production from renewables in Switzerland.

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