Annual Report 2022: Significant rise in research projects and third-party income

08.05.2023 BFH’s focus on major social issues is having an impact: third-party income in applied research and development rose by 15 percent. The number of project partnerships also increased from 981 to 1051 – with a clear majority of partners from the canton of Bern and Switzerland.

‘The figures confirm our new strategy of focusing on the big social challenges. We want to contribute to finding solutions for them,’ says BFH President Prof. Dr Sebastian Wörwag.

Last year, industry partners such as companies, and funding organisations such as Innosuisse and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), supported BFH’s research work with a total of CHF 48.1 million in third-party funding. That adds up to 6.2 million more than in 2021.

Focus on sustainability, digitalisation and Caring Society

In a feasibility study conducted in partnership with several timber construction companies, researchers showed how wooden bridges up to 60 metres long could help to reduce steel and concrete use in the Swiss road network. This would cut carbon emissions during construction.

In another project, BFH developed a digital platform for energy and climate data that provides municipalities in the canton of Bern with a data-based decision-making tool. The platform contains a graphical presentation of data for efficient energy saving and sustainable energy projects.

In the strategic thematic field of Caring Society, BFH is committed to the health and wellbeing of people of all ages. For example, thanks to a solution developed by BFH for emergency care for women during childbirth, the threatened closure of birthing centres in the canton of Bern was averted.

Successful in teaching and continuing education

Our income increased in the area of teaching too. This is due to the significant growth in student numbers of 3.3 percent. Since BFH is increasingly attracting students from outside Bern, payments from other cantons to BFH increased by CHF 2.2 million. The income from continuing education remained at the high level of the previous year.

Overall, BFH’s operating result shows a loss of CHF 2.5 million. The wage increase passed by the cantonal government as well as higher energy costs were partly to blame for this.

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Category: University of applied sciences