Entrepreneurship at BFH-HAFL

Promoting entrepreneurial thinking and action is an important strategy at Bern University of Applied Sciences. At BFH-HAFL, we assist our students, employees and partners in utilising their creative and entrepreneurial potential to help solve social issues.

BFH-HAFL Innovation Factory

Let your creativity run wild!

  • For an overview of relevant sectoral trends
  • For external input into the creative process
  • To optimise innovation processes
  • For high-performance innovation organisations

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Additional services for your innovation project

Our diverse expertise spans many areas of research.

The three divisions of BFH-HAFL – agricultural, forest and food sciences – conduct cutting-edge applied research, using a wide range of state-of-the-art methods.

We offer the following services:

At BFH-HAFL, research is conducted on a wide variety of topics. In addition to agricultural, forest and food sciences, we also conduct research into knowledge systems and knowledge exchange.

Our transdisciplinary approach to the natural, social and economic sciences delivers special benefits and enables us to find the best solutions to complex problems. We are also home to the HAFL Hugo P. Cecchini Institute, which brings together a wealth of expertise in international agricultural, forest and food systems in developing and emerging economies.

Would you like to start an applied research project with us? Please contact Sven Grossrieder.

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We have many laboratories and facilities that can be used as part of an applied research project. These include chemistry, wet, print, microbiology, soil, and biomass laboratories, competence centres for aquaculture (Aquaforum) and dairying (Melkforum) and agriculture test plots.

Plus, the latest food creations can be put to the ultimate taste test in the sensory laboratory. You can also use office space as part of an Innosuisse project.

Need scientific infrastructure for your innovation project? Please contact Sven Grossrieder.

An innovation cheque from Innosuisse enables the study of ideas and the analyses of market potential. This preliminary study is carried out in conjunction with Swiss research partners.

Grants of up to CHF 15,000 are awarded, which can be invested in an appropriate joint project with BFH-HAFL. Find our more here.

As an industry partner or a private or public organisation, you can apply for financial support (together with a research institution) for science-based innovation projects.

Projects are funded if they promise economic success or societal value-add. Co-funding of 40­–60% is available, with no absolute ceiling. Find out more here.

There are many benefits to collaborating with a student project:

  • Draw directly on specialist departmental knowledge and skills.
  • Take advantage of the expertise of lecturers supporting the project.
  • You might even find a future employee.

Select from the following project types:

  • Term paper (90–240 hours)
  • Bachelor's thesis (approx. 360 hours)
  • Master's thesis (approx. 900 hours)

As part of the Unternehmerische Hochschule (entrepreneurial university) initiative, the BFH Entrepreneurship Office launched on 1 August 2022.

Start-ups and innovation projects

As an entrepreneurial university, we are proud to be attractive to start-ups and that student projects, such as those in the Entrepreneurship minor (german/french), have resulted in spin-offs that successfully brought innovation projects to market.

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