Our expertise is diverse and broad-based. It encompasses, for instance, expert knowledge in agricultural economics, specific know-how about livestock and plant production systems, experience in sustainability assessment and an in-depth understanding of farming in developing countries.

Soils and Geoinformation

Our research priorities in the field of soils and geoinformation are

Sustainability and Circular Economy

Our research priorities in the field of sustainability and circular economy are

Plant Production and Biodiversity

Our research priorities in the field of plant production and biodiversity are

Grasslands and Ruminant Production Systems

In our research on grasslands and ruminant production systems we focus on

Livestock and Horses

Our fields of proven research expertise include

Rural Economics and Sociology

We provide research and advice for the various branches of the agri-food value chain in the fields of

International Agriculture and Rural Development

In our commissions and projects we address the production-engineering, ecological and socio-economic issues that arise in the farming sectors of the developing world. Priorities include

  • Agricultural production systems
  • Market access and value chains
  • Society and politics
  • Skills development and knowledge management
  • Project management

Food Value Chain

By cooperating with selected research units of BFH-HAFL’s Food Science and Management Division we are in a position to address the entire value chain from field to fork. Cooperation with BFH’s Health Department further broadens our scope to encompass food and health aspects.