Human-Centered AI-Based Learning Lab

Artificial intelligence is not only changing the way we learn today, but also the requirements for future skills. In the Human-Centered AI-based Learning Lab (HC-AIL), we focus on the future of learning in educational institutions and companies.

What we do

At the core of our methodological approach is the integration of socio-technical principles, focussing in particular on the dynamic interaction between social processes and technological system characteristics. We use technology in a targeted way to make it an integral part of the entire teaching-learning cycle: before, during and after the learning activity.

Our services

  • Keynote speeches and customised workshops on topics such as: Prompt engineering, generative AI, large language models, human-centred AI, chatbots, AI for education, digital skills, AI-based reskilling, and upskilling 

  • Scientific support and evaluation of learning projects in companies (e.g., development of learning paths, digital skills strategies in companies) 

  • Consultancy, development coaching and scientific evaluation of software prototypes, chatbots and generative AI 

Activities in Training and Continuing Education


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