IT Law​

Information technology law is a cross-sectional subject; private law, public law and criminal law are all relevant. New laws and other regulations are constantly being added. We help you to keep track of them.

Our offer

Information technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, while the law moves at a more moderate pace and naturally reacts to new developments with a delay. Nevertheless, a strong increase in regulations of the digital world can be observed in recent years, both internationally and nationally, but also at the level of cantons and municipalities. A first challenge is to keep track of the existing and the newly emerging regulations. Beyond that, however, it is also a matter of actively participating in the creation of new laws and further sets of regulations and, in particular, of facilitating exchange between those affected by new rules and the regulators.

We offer our know-how and experience by providing the following services:

  • Consultations
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  • Coaching
  • Development of concepts
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