Digital Responsibility​

The rapid pace of digitalisation calls for a conscious and responsible approach to new technologies. We support this by raising awareness and develop pragmatic solutions for daily practice based on scientific findings.

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Digital technologies have become an integral part of our world. Reinforced by COVID-19, more and more organisations are focusing on the development and use of digital technologies in all areas of their business. However, many leaders have little or no awareness of the responsibilities that come with the use of digital technologies.

The growing subject of «Digital Responsibility» examines the ways in which organisations can adopt a responsible approach to digitalisation. The focus is not so much on the legal aspects – «What are we allowed to do?» – as on the often more fraughtly contested ethical aspects – «What should we do?».​

We work with organisations from a range of industries and sectors (e.g. healthcare), helping to identify critical dilemmas in businesses and in the structuring of their processes and roles. Our goal is always to ensure a pragmatic approach that allows the responsible development and use of digital technologies. ​