Range of services

In our education and continuing education programmes, our workshops and tailored training formats, we teach the skills that are required in systemic counselling, conflict management and resilience, mediation, coaching and supervision, and we research the impact of these interventions.

We develop counselling and conflict management concepts precision-tailored to your needs. We work with you to analyse your current position, and support you in implementing your approach and evaluating its impact. We will be happy to help you decide whether a research and development project is the right format for you and your organisation.

Focus area counselling, supervision and coaching

  • Is your organisation considering introducing new formats for exchange and reflective practice? We can advise you on potential areas for intervention and the implementation of a range of reflective practice formats at individual, group, team and organisational level. We also provide expertise through supervision and coaching for executives. 
  • Looking to expand your knowledge of counselling formats, specific aspects of online counselling or counselling methodology? Our workshops and tailored training sessions are designed to pass on skills in systemic counselling – including online. 
  • Already a counselling expert? We are happy to discuss any questions you may have about challenges encountered in counselling processes, systemic approaches and the epistemological background, or more recent trends from the fields of neuroscience and embodiment research.

Focus area mediation and conflict management

Are you tackling an acute conflict? Or are you interested in reinforcing your skills in the field of mediation, conflict management and resilience? 

  • Conflict counselling: We will help you to analyse the situation and select appropriate options for prevention and intervention.
  • Mediation: We will clarify with you and all parties involved whether the situation warrants mediation and will lead proceedings on request.
  • Lectures and workshops: We will deliver presentations on the latest developments in conflict skills, constructive conflict management and resilience, and will lead corresponding workshops.
  • Continuing education: We will reinforce your employees’ conflict management skills, designing a programme tailored to your needs.

We will be happy to advise you in person and are available to answer any questions you may have.

Continuing education

Our services are informed by our research and range from one-day courses to part-time continuing education programmes that are designed to be taken while working.