Master of Arts in Music Performance

Master of Arts in Music Performance

Course summary

In the Master’s course in Music Performance, students achieve artistic maturity with their instrument or voice. Their objective is to become professional musicians.


The heart of the course is formed by instrument or voice training. Students build up a demanding repertoire and are able to understand works in their context and interpret them or, in the case of jazz, to rework them. They develop a high degree of musical flexibility and can put ideas into practice independently. Through numerous performances, students broaden their range of personal experiences and their professional network.

In the Master of Arts in Music Performance / Conducting Wind Instruments / Brass Band Conducting the students reach artistic maturity. The goal is no less than to conduct high-class wind ensembles, orchestras and bands nationally and internationally. Graduates have the artistic abilities, technical skills and pedagogic competencies needed for this.


Title / QualificationMaster of Arts in Music Performance
  • Classical Music
  • Jazz
  • Conducting Wind Instruments / Brass Band
Program study optionsFull-time
Language(s) of instructionGerman, French, English
Course beginsWeek 38
LDeadline for applicationsApplication deadline for the Master program


The professional field for trained musicians, in both classical music and jazz, has changed markedly in recent years. The new challenges include globalised stylistics and the project character of public music life. Making music can take place in concerts, as a guest musician or soloist. Away from the concert stage, work can be found in cultural niches and in independent projects and programmes. Musicians often have a combination of various types of work. This applies particularly to jazz musicians, for whom there are very few institutionalised opportunities for earning money, apart from teaching.

Students graduate with a Master of Arts in Music Performance. The Master’s degree in Music Performance is a qualification for a career as a musician. Graduates can supplement it with a Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy or continue with the advanced Master of Arts in Specialized Music Performance.

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MA Music Performance

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Head of degree programme

Lennart Dohms (Classical Music)

T +41 31 848 39 86



Valerie Portmann (Jazz)

T +41 31 371 33 12