Termination of matriculation

Students who wish to withdraw from their studies at their own request must complete the termination of matriculation form and e-mail it within the valid notice period to BFH Student Administration.

Termination of matriculation
as of end of autumn semester

31 January
HKB students: 15. December

Termination of matriculation
as of end of spring semester

31 July 
HKB students: 15. June

If the termination of matriculation is received within the notice period, all semester fees for the following semester that have already been invoiced will be cancelled and reimbursed as applicable. In most cases, students who de-register after this date will pay the full tuition fees for the next semester. Decisions on exceptional cases are made by the head of department. 

After their last semester, the affected students receive the "invoice sheet on termination of matriculation". A signed Transcript of Records is also provided after the grades are published. Both documents should be retained as they are necessary for any further university registration.

The grounds for an official termination of matriculation are set out in the Statute of Bern University of Applied Sciences, Art. 54, para. 3.

Matriculation is officially terminated for the following persons:

a) Anyone who has completed their studies,

b) Anyone unable to provide proof of competence during a semester without good reason,

c) Anyone who is no longer able to meet the requirements of further study,

d) Anyone who can no longer meet the requirements to obtain a Bachelor or Master diploma,

e) Anyone who is wrongly matriculated due to an error or incorrect information,

f) Anyone who has failed to pay tuition fees within the appointed period after two reminders and has been made aware of the termination of matriculation

g) Anyone permanently excluded from study at Bern University of Applied Sciences on disciplinary grounds.

The head of department is responsible for the termination of matriculation in line with para. 3, points b to d; the Rector is responsible for points e to g.​

​Art. 61 of the Ordinance relating to BFH (Federal Ordinance on University of Applied Sciences, FaV) governs admission following a final exclusion.

Following final exclusion from another university of applied sciences, students can be admitted to the same degree programme after two years if they can show that they have been employed for two years in the same field as the degree programme. They also need to satisfy the usual admission requirements.