Changes in body composition, self-reported symptoms and costs in one menstrual cycle: An explorative evaluation and cost analysis

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is used to assess body composition. The menstrual cycle and associated symptoms can falsify the results of such measurements. With an exploratory study, we try to investigate to what extent the phases of the female menstrual cycle affect body composition and whether there are correlations between menstrual cycle-related symptoms. In addition, the project will record the menstrual cycle-related costs that occur during a cycle.



Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is used to assess body composition. The muscle mass, fat mass, water content and BMI are recorded, which can be used as progress parameters for diets or for evaluating training effects. During the menstrual cycle, women often experience various symptoms, such as abdominal pain, headaches, back pain, depressive mood, bloating or water retention.

Both the manufacturers and some literature therefore recommend taking the phases of the menstrual cycle into account when taking measurements, as this could distort the measurement results. However, studies show inconclusive results regarding the measurement of body composition and the influence of the menstrual cycle.  Therefore, this project investigates how the different phases of the menstrual cycle affect body composition and whether there are associations between menstrual cycle-related complaints.

In addition, the project records and evaluates the costs incurred during a menstrual cycle. Here, the study ties in with the discussions among the Swiss population on the assumption of costs for menstrual hygiene products, contraceptives and the associated consultation of health professionals. These are currently not covered by the federal government or health insurance.

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The aims of the project are to study body composition during three different phases of the menstrual cycle, to evaluate the association with menstrual cycle-specific symptoms and to capture the costs during an entire menstrual cycle.

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Measurement procedure and measuring times


Interested test persons can register for participation via the button below and will be informed about the content and procedure of the study. After all inclusion criteria have been met, the measurement times are calculated on the basis of the individual menstrual cycle and the three measurement dates are planned.