Study at BFH

Study courses according to the Bologna system

Courses conclude in the acquisition of an academic title in accordance with the Bologna system: Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Master of Science (MSc).

Bachelor’s degree programmes

Bachelor students require a higher education entrance qualification (matura, vocational baccalaureate, specialised matura). Two of the study courses are directed at healthcare professionals with HF diplomas (AKP, PsyKP, KWS, IKP, DN II): Bachelor Midwifery (condensed study course) and Bachelor in Nursing (extra-occupational study course).

Master’s degree programmes

A masters study course (Master of Science, MSc) can follow the successful conclusion of a bachelor study course. It conveys an in-depth and broad theoretical knowledge base and includes an introduction to scientific research. The MSc qualifies holders to pursue an academic career, i.e. for a doctorate / PhD. We offer the following masters courses: