APP Lindenhofgruppe Bern

BFH Health Professions and the Nursing Development Department at Lindenhofgruppe have been working closely together since 2007. The two institutions formed an academic and practice partnership in 2014.


The academic and practice partnership between BFH Health Professions and Lindenhofgruppe has the following objectives:

  • Quality improvement and evidence-based practice in nursing and midwifery
  • Development and evaluation of continuing education offerings and range of consulting services
  • Continuous role development (Advanced Practice)
  • Mutual provision of expertise and institutional insight


Some of our joint projects

15/06/2018: 4th Symposium on Obstetrics

Topic: Perinatal care for women and their children following migration

Since 2017: Continuing education: Maternity Clinic course

Jointly developed course for Maternity Clinic nurses comprising eLearning, on-site teaching and an advanced course on mental disorders during the postpartum period

Since 2016: Continuing education: Midwifery simulation training

Interprofessional simulation training for obstetrics emergencies

2016–2019: Research project: Nursing staff aged 50+

Literary analysis of promising methods for keeping nursing staff over the age of 55 in work and promoting collaboration between the generations.
Master’s thesis on the factors that encourage nursing staff to remain in work over the age of 50.

2016–2019: Research project: Perception of patient and visitor aggression (PERoPA)

Perception and handling of patient and visitor aggression by managers in somatic and psychiatric clinics.

2016–2017: Research project: New information management in midwifery (IMAGE)

Lindenhofgruppe primarily uses traditional methods such as brochures to convey information to their patients. Focus group interviews are used to gather information on needs and experiences with current methods. This information and literature research are used to inform the development of an innovative, future-oriented information management system.

2014–2017: Research project: Patients’ experiences with participation in ERAS

Qualitative study of patients’ experiences of the ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery) programme with the aim of better understanding how patients experience and evaluate the ERAS treatment concept in order to improve patient-centred care.

2013–2014: Continuing education: eLearning on problematic alcohol consumption in acute hospitals

Joint development of an eLearning programme with video sequences. Evaluation of the learning effect as part of a master’s thesis.

2009: Research project: Health literacy

Translation and validation of a screening tool to assess patients’ health literacy. Development of guidelines for nursing staff for carrying out the screening and supporting patients with limited health literacy.

2008–2009: Research project: Aggression in patients and their relatives

Survey of nursing staff regarding how they handle aggression in patients and their relatives.

Academic and practice partnerships and collaborations

Academic and practice partnerships are a strategic instrument that aims to promote rigorous, active collaboration between the worlds of work and academia. This form of collaboration aims to ensure that necessary innovations are implemented, thereby allowing challenges in the healthcare sector to be addressed at an early stage. Academic and practice partnerships have the potential to contribute to maintaining and improving quality in practice, teaching and research.


  • Exchange between teaching, practice and research
  • Practice-oriented research and development to ensure evidence-based care
  • Management development to optimise leadership
  • Involvement of affected individuals and relatives to further develop care and research
  • Opportunity for staff members to work in the other partner institution

BFH currently participates in academic and practice partnerships with Insel Gruppe Bern, Lindenhofgruppe Bern and Domicil Bern AG. BFH also collaborates with Integrated Psychiatry Services Winterthur – Zürcher Unterland.