Range of services

Our researchers bring with them wide-ranging expertise from diverse fields. Combine this with our specialist knowledge of nutrition and dietetics, and we set the benchmark in this area. We are highly respected as a teaching, research and continuing education partner, and your nutrition-related questions and nutrition-specific healthcare enquiries will benefit from extensive internal and interdisciplinary synergies. Come to us with your proposed project and let us apply our creative and tailored approach.

Research + Development

Our expert knowledge makes us the perfect partner for nutrition-related projects. We run nutrition analyses and use the results to draw up nutritional recommendations. We also develop means of preventing nutrition-related disease. We welcome research collaborations with other institutions and enquiries from both the private and public sector.

Consulting services

We tailor projects to your specific needs and attach great importance to the feasibility of the solutions we offer. We apply our specialist knowledge and our skills from the fields of research, teaching and continuing education to our approach, which involves work within our own discipline and collaboration with the three other departments at BFH Health Professions: Obstetrics, Nursing and Physiotherapy.

We offer the following consulting services:

  • Contract research: for example, assistance with project development or with measuring and evaluating data, e.g. proof of concept studies in the field of nutrition and dietetics, validation of new technologies or systematic reviews
  • Contract work for master’s and bachelor’s theses and supervision of students
  • Academic reports and publications
  • Tailored training sessions, continuing education programmes and lectures on topics relevant to nutrition and dietetics
  • Calculation of nutritional values and product evaluations: Support for product development, assessment and promotion, and review of the nutrition situation: analysis of nutritional values and menus in institutional catering

Student theses

In their bachelor’s and master’s theses, our students share the latest innovations in nutrition and dietetics research with practice partners, institutions, companies and organisations from the healthcare sector. Students complete their bachelor’s and master’s theses in close collaboration with the clients and are supervised by BFH research specialists. This provides an excellent basis for establishing contacts and initiating partnerships.

Have you got a nutrition and dietetics project you would like our students to work on? We’re happy to advise you and to supervise the students involved.

Dual competency profiles that keep us at the cutting - edge of practice

The demands on healthcare, training and research in this area are high. Furthermore, they are changing constantly. With this in mind, we have launched a pilot programme that aims to more firmly embed the mixed profile of our lecturers and researchers in professional practice.

This equates to targeted practical placements that expand staff qualifications and expertise in teaching, research and continuing education. These placements take place in individual divisions; however, our practice partners also have the opportunity to build an interdisciplinary network and develop their skills through interprofessional collaboration. The results are initiatives and exchange models that we develop in cooperation with our practice partners; associates can also propose their own initiatives to strengthen their skills.

The dual competence profile is reinforced through practice partnerships with representatives from all healthcare areas and from all levels of patient care. By offering opportunities across all health professions divisions, we deliver patient-oriented care that keeps pace with modern requirements.

Training + Continuing education

Research, teaching and continuing education are closely linked here. Our lecturers’ and researchers’ mixed profiles facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience between research and teaching.