Institute for Timber Construction

We are your partner of choice for sustainable, durable and cost-effective construction. We research and develop innovative timber construction solutions for you, focusing on timber and composite structures, earthquake and fire safety, building physics and envelopes. By doing this, we contribute to the development of the wood and construction industry, in Switzerland and abroad.

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Competencies for the economy

We take an integrated approach to all stages of the building life cycle. We focus on the development of sustainable new buildings, the preservation of existing structures and circular construction.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Timber structures (including earthquake engineering)
  • Building envelopes (including windows, doors and gates)
  • Building physics
  • Fire safety

Netzwerke und Kooperationen

Wir bringen unsere Expertise und Forschungsergebnisse in folgende Gremien ein:

  • CEN/TC 33 WG1 Windows and doors
  • CEN/TC 33 WG7 Burglary resistance
  • CEN/TC 124 WG3 Glued laminated timber (delegate SIA 265)
  • CEN/TC 250 / SC8 / WG3 Earthquake resistance design of structures - timber
  • Standards committee SIA 265 Timber Structures
  • Standards committee SIA 331 Windows and French windows
  • Standards committee SIA 343 Doors and gates
  • UHFB SIA 2052 Working group (Ultra-high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete)
  • CH Advisory group BK33 (mirror group to CEN/TC 33)
  • CH Advisory group BK124 (mirror group to CEN/TC 124)
  • CH mirror group of the European Group of Notified Bodies
  • VSS - Standardisation and Research Committee NFK 3.10 (in german)
  • VKF - Expert committee for Examinations and Committee for Further training
  • SWS Sicheres Wohnen Schweiz - Secure Living Switzerland association (in german)
  • Minergie association - Minergie Module on windows; Certification Committee
  • Swiss Window and Façade Industry Association; Technology Working group
  • Swiss Window and Façade Industry Association; Signet Working group
  • Swiss Window and Façade Industry Association; Training Working group
  • ARGE Federation, Door standardisation (BFH, SIPIZ, VSSM, VST, AM Suisse)
  • Swiss expert committee for wood fire safety “Brandsicherheit Holz”
  • VBSF - Fire protection specialist/expert
  • SIPIZ - Swiss Institute for Testing/Inspection/Certification (fire protection)
  • DIN CERTCO, Erfa group Burglar Resistance for windows and doors
  • WTA - International Association for Science and Technology of Building Maintenance and Monuments Preservation