MISE: Supply Chain Management and Logistics

We support you with the integral design and management of the value chain with end-to-end analysis – something that is becoming increasingly important due to rising levels of external value creation and the growing complexity of long supply chains. While greater emphasis was placed on cost drivers and efficiency improvements in the past, the aspects of resilience, transparency, sustainability and cooperation must be given importance in multi-tier supply chains.

We focus on the following topics:

  • Analysis of the supplier base, improving transparency and evaluating resilience and supply risks (supply chain risk management)
  • Creating sustainable supply chain structures from raw materials through to the consumer
  • Optimisation of collaboration and connectivity with external supply chain partners (suppliers and customers)
  • Identification, evaluation and implementation of innovative technologies and applications for logistics and the supply chain (supply chain technology)
  • Initiation, coordination and facilitation of the industry initiative “Swiss SupplyChainTech” [-> externer Link auf: https://supplychaintech.ch/] as well as mapping Swiss start-ups and SMEs (TechMap)
  • Strengthening and professionalising logistics and purchasing organisations as key value-creation managers in companies and at the interface with external supply-chain partners
  • Advice and support on major procurement projects and investment decisions, focusing on various factors, such as total cost of ownership, sustainability and public procurement.

Continuing education

Key principles of process and supply chain management are covered in a sub-module of the CAS in business management in the technology environment. An in-depth continuing education programme on the design of digital, sustainable value-creation networks is currently at the planning stage. Further information on company-specific continuing education programmes on the supply chain, logistics and procurement is available on request.

Research projects

As part of our current Swiss SupplyChainTech initiative, we are mapping technology-led start-ups and SMEs which focus on logistics and supply-chain management. Innovative solutions and the technologies they use to tackle current challenges in value-creation networks are explored in 15 categories. We also examine how such solutions can be scaled and synergies achieved between start-ups. By looking at innovations, the initiative aims to increase transparency in complex value-creation networks, improve connectivity, interoperability and end-to-end controls and make a substantial contribution to sustainable development.


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