Open Call for Abstracts: Wood in the Digital Age

04.01.2024 Within the International Conference on Structures and Architecture ICSA2025 we organise a Special Session called "Wood in the Digital Age: Crafting the Future of Sustainable Architecture". We accept abstracts by until 28 February 2024.

The ICSA2025, 6th International Conference on Structures and Architecture from 8-11 July 2025 in Antwerp, Belgium is organised by the Structures & Architecture International Association, which searches to deepen the synergetic potentials of the fields of structures and architecture by widening modes of collaboration across disciplines, perspectives, and geographies.

We are excited to announce the call for abstracts for a special session at the ICSA2025 organised by the BFH’s Institute for Digital Construction and Wood Industry focusing on "Wood in the Digital Age: Crafting the Future of Sustainable Architecture". This session will delve into the dynamic intersection of traditional woodcraft and cutting-edge digital innovations, reflecting wood's resurgence as a symbol of sustainability and a bridge between tradition and digital innovation.

We invite architects, engineers, and industry practitioners to contribute their research, experiences, and visions exploring the future role of wood in sustainable architecture. This session seeks to unveil the full potential of wood when intertwined with modern digital design, fabrication tools, and material advances.

Topics of Interest:

  • Digital craftsmanship - blending traditional carpentry with modern digital tools
  • The transformative role of robotics, digital twins, BIM and simulations in wood construction
  • Challenges and solutions in integrating digital fabrication in the wood industry
  • Collaborative design processes in reshaping wood’s role in urban landscapes
  • Synergy between wood's sustainable attributes and digital tools
  • Future trajectories of wood construction in a sustainable, digitalized world

We look forward to your insightful contributions that will help shape the future of sustainable architecture in the digital age.

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