A secure, mobile learning and working environment that enables private computers to be used for school purposes.

Lernstick is a secure learning and working environment that is installed on external storage media such as USB sticks, USB hard drives or SD cards. Almost any laptop or workstation can be started from these storage media; a functioning hard drive or pre-installed operating system is not necessary.

Therefore, Lernstick offers a personal, mobile learning and working environment and is ideal for pupils, students or learners who want to use their private device for school («Bring Your Own Device») or need to bring it with them to take standardised, secure examinations. Using Lernstick saves costs on hardware and software and contributes to sustainability.

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Why Lernstick?

  • Cost savings through reduced maintenance, lower hardware requirements
  • No licence fees: Linux operating system with free/Libre open source software
  • Data no longer needs to be synchronised between computers as it is stored on the Lernstick

What is on the Lernstick?

The Lernstick comes pre-installed with learning programmes, a complete Office package, Internet applications, audio, video and image editing applications and games. It also contains storage space for personal data and settings. It can optionally be encrypted with a password.

Lernstick offers

Lernstick EDU is a personal and mobile learning environment. Lernstick EDU is free software, free of charge along with community support.

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Lernstick EXAM offers a standardised and secure environment for offline or online examinations and can be independently adapted to the needs of educational institutions. Lernstick EXAM is free software, free of charge along with community support.

BFH lecturers can obtain further information on conducting examinations via the Virtual Academy knowledgebase.

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Lernstick CUSTOM is a service package that is customised to your individual requirements: We realise a learning and/or examination environment based on your requirements, regular maintenance and further development i.e. periodic adaptations to new notebook models. Furthermore we offer training and personal support in the event of problems.


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We also accompany testing procedures and hire out additional laptops.

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