President's Office

Bern University of Applied Sciences is led by a President. The President is supported by Vice Presidents in the strategic areas Teaching and Research.


The President of Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH is head of the University and of the President’s Office. He/she decides on all questions within the remit and area of responsibility of BFH as a whole. The President is chair of the University Executive Board and a member of the University Board.

His/her key tasks in the operational governance of BFH are the implementation of strategic orientation, structural consolidation of the organisation as a whole, and the achievement of clear positioning and a distinct  profile for the university in its national and international higher educational context.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Wörwag is Rector of the Bern University of Applied Sciences since 1st of September 2020.


The President's Office and the Services staff support the Rector in his/her duty of administering University business. They are responsible for the key services of administration, communication, equal opportunities and legal services.

Vice-President's Offices

The Vice-Presidents Research and Teaching BFH serve the purpose of targeted strategic further development of BFH within each of these areas.

Practice-based teaching and application-based research are core areas of the Bern University of Applied Sciences. The Vice-President's Offices process supra-departmental themes and promote interdisciplinary cooperation. 

In this way, the Vice-President's Offices support efficient and coordinated implementation of the strategy, promote the innovative capacity of BFH and underpin the link between research and teaching.

The Vice-Presidents preside over the BFH Research and BFH Teaching Committees respectively and, as members of the University Executive Board, are eligible to vote.

Office of the Vice-President Research

Applied research and development represents a strength of BFH that enhances its profile. The Office of the Vice-President Research drives development in this area.

Vice-President Prof. Dr. Corina Caduff presides over the BFH Research Committee and is a member of the University Executive Board. She is supported by the office. The BFH Euresearch Office is an integral part of the Vice-President.

Office of the Vice-President Teaching

Practice-based and research-based teaching is a core remit of BFH. The Office of the Vice-President Teaching promotes interdisciplinary cooperation with regard to bachelor and master study courses.

Vice-President Prof. Dr. Jochen Schellinger is eligible to vote as a member of the University Executive Board. He presides over the Teaching Committee and is in charge of the Specialist Service for Teaching & Continuing Education . The office for University Teaching & E-Learning and the central student administration are also part of the Office of the Vice-President Teaching.