Unions and associations ensure that the concerns of key interest groups at BFH are listened to.

Alumni Association

BFH Alumni is the umbrella organisation for Bern University of Applied Sciences alumni. It brings together former students (alumni) and BFH’s nine alumni organisations.

Former students are important ambassadors for Bern University of Applied Sciences. After completing their studies, they are admitted to the interdisciplinary alumni network of the umbrella organisation BFH Alumni.

The umbrella organisation BFH Alumni

  • Enables close collaboration between the alumni organisations to strengthen BFH’s alumni services
  • Represents the interests of the alumni organisations and their members in dealings with authorities and organisations
  • Supports BFH alumni in their professional, social and personal development
  • Provides services for alumni, alumni organisations and their members
  • Encourages alumni to identify more strongly with BFH
  • Is responsible for the development and expansion of alumni services at BFH
  • Promotes BFH teaching, applied research and development, continuing education and consulting services wherever possible

Former students enjoy attractive benefits and discounts. They are invited to an annual networking evening for BFH alumni and receive the alumni newsletter. Former students can network and keep in touch with the BFH Alumni community on Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn. In the online careers portal, they can find attractive job opportunities, information on continuing education programmes at BFH and useful links relating to professions and careers.

Student Association

Bern University of Applied Sciences Student Association (VSBFH) officially represents students matriculated at Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH). Along with its sub-associations, it enables students to get involved in issues relating to the university, academia and society.

Students who are matriculated at BFH are automatically members of the Association.

Representing interests

The VSBFH is a public entity. It represents the educational, professional, social, business, material and cultural interests of the students in dealings with university management and law-makers.


  • Encourages contact, collaboration and the flow of information between the university management, the departments, their degree programmes and sub-associations
  • Represents the interests of around 7,000+ students on the University Board
  • Has a seat on the Appeals Committee at BFH, which handles e.g. cases where students feel their exam performance has been unfairly graded
  • Is an active member of the VSS (Association of Swiss Student Unions) at cantonal and national level

The VSBFH and its subsections offer a wide range of events and services. Many of the offers take place in the respective department. Information on upcoming events and other services is available via the social media sites of the subsections as well as through the VSBFH. A particular highlight is the start-of-term party “Planet BFH”, which is organised by the VSBFH and takes place at the beginning of the Autumn Term.

If you want to find out more about the work of VSBFH or are interested in university politics, you are very welcome to come along to a VSBFH board meeting. Motivated and committed students who are interested in standing up for their fellow students or helping to organise events are welcome to put themselves forward for a role within VSBFH. Board members receive CHF 1,000 per year.

  • SHEPPS - Health Professions
  • SOLIBRI - Social Work
  • UELI - Business
  • FSEHSM - Sport
  • SHAFL - School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences
  • SWIMMING POOL - Architecture
  • BAUSTELLE - BCivil Engineering
  • VS-HOLZ - Wood
  • VSI - Engineering and Information Technology
  • KULTURESK - Arts

Membership of VSBFH costs CHF 15 per semester. This is automatically debited along with your tuition fees at the beginning of each term.

If you do not want to be a member of VSBFH, you must write to the President’s Office within a month of your start date, stating your first name, surname, department and a brief reason for your decision. You may email the President’s Office to withdraw your membership, provided you include the details listed above. The deadline for withdrawing your membership is one month after the semester begins.

More information about withdrawing your membership:

Lecturer Association

The lecturer association at BFH is profhesbe.


  • Represents the interests of lecturers
  • Coordinates between the departments’ individual lecturers and the BFH divisions
  • Represents the interests of the Association in business, politics, culture and society and takes part in public consultations
  • Encourages lecturers to exchange professional experiences and maintain friendly relations
  • Collaborates with other professional associations.

profhesbe attends consultations on human resources policy or regulations affecting lecturers’ work. The President has a seat on the University Board at BFH. Bern Association of Public Employees (BSPV) is a political partner of the Association at cantonal level. At federal level, profhesbe is a section of the Swiss Association of University Lecturers FH-CH.