We are currently conducting numerous research projects and consultancy commissions in the field of food processing and consumption. These range from small-scale contracts to multi-annual studies.

Selected Projects

The projects listed here give an impression of the scope of our research activities. The pages of the individual research groups provide further details.

Technology-driven research in food is concerned increasingly with 3D printing techniques, in order to be able to manufacture individualisable products. The advantage of manufacturing single items is clear. However, the concept also has disadvantages, mainly in terms of production speed. At present we are focussing on (a) the development of new, disruptive product concepts which offer added value compared with traditional processes, (b) the development of hybrid production procedures to increase speed and (c) the development of masses based on materials science.

The aim of the interdisciplinary project is to develop concepts for decentralised digital food manufacture at point of sale, in which the integration of humans and machines will be key. As well as communication strategies we are developing various complex process chains for each of two application scenarios and are evaluating them by means of a benefit analysis.

About a third of all food is lost at some point between the field and plate – half of it within the home. This issue has not only an ethical dimension but also a significant environmental impact. In this project we explore how consumers deal with the problem, categorise them into different types according to their attitude to food waste and identify ways of addressing these segments in order to reduce the quantity of wasted food in as efficient a way as possible.

Insects are regarded as a food of the future. Would this be accepted by people in Switzerland? What arguments can be used to win consumers round and which segment is most open to the idea? These and other questions are being answered by conducting and analysing a large-scale survey in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland and organising tasting experiments.

Sensotainment ist ein Angebot, das sich sowohl fürs Teambuilding wie auch als Weiterbildungsseminar mit Unterhaltungscharakter eignet. Sensorik-Spezialist/innen führen dabei auf unterhaltsame und gleichzeitig lehrreiche Art in die Sinneswelt des Lebensmittelkonsums ein. Das Angebot wird dem Ziel des Anlasses entsprechend und in Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen gestaltet. Kern des Seminars bilden unterschiedliche Experimente, die Geschmacks-, Geruchs-, Tast- und Sehsinn ansprechen.