Innovation Management and Sensory Evaluation

Using sensory tests, we develop customised solutions for product development, quality assurance and marketing.

Our service encompasses a wide range of methods. We conduct consumer tests as a means of investigating product acceptance, willingness to pay and other factors. We also perform objective descriptive sensory evaluation in order to identify the best ways of meeting consumers’ needs and wishes. New scientific insights are always taken into account and acted on. This enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive support.


Consumer tests and online studies

Identification of the acceptance of and/or preference for prototypes or products by comparison with alternatives or competing products. 

Identification of sensory product properties and differences

Description of the sensory properties of products and their intensity. Identification of overall or attribute-specific product differences by trained experts, using triangle tests, duo-trio tests and other methods.

Preference mapping

Linking consumers’ hedonistic judgements with the assessed sensory attributes. This enables segments and popularity factors to be identified.

Focus groups

Analysis of consumer needs and wishes and elaboration of recommendations for product development.

Sensory training

Design and implementation of company sensory-analytical processes, support during implementation, customised training. 


Expanding and deepening people’s perception in a playful and entertaining way.


The sensory properties of products can be evaluated under controlled conditions in our sensory laboratory. The laboratory has eleven test booths (ISO 8589:2007) equipped with FIZZ sensory software and with red and green lighting that can be used to mask visual differences in some tests.

We have an external consumer panel that we can call on as necessary for tasting sessions or online surveys.

We are always looking to enlarge the panel and are therefore keen to contact interested consumers in the region. There are no specific criteria for panel members, but you must be passionate about tasting foods and helping to shape the product world of tomorrow. You will be paid for each test you take part in.


Our expert sensory panel consists of trained experts who regularly take part in descriptive or discriminative tests.

We are always looking for new members. Do you find that coffee can not only taste bitter but also nutty or floral? And do you enjoy describing food? Then become a member of the sensory expert panel. You will be paid for each test you take part in. 
Ideally you are:

  • passionate about and interested in the world of food
  • highly motivated, flexible and reliable 
  • willing to work in a team
  • German-speaking

Before being accepted for training, you will be asked to take a sensory aptitude test. 

The sensory team will contact you when we have received your application.